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Web Space Management Scripts
  1. Netcard 2.03
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    How about the idea of Electronic Business Card? This Perl script is very useful, if you want to give your site visitors free web space but you don't want to use a lot of resources. Your visitors fill out a form and instantly create their static homepages which look like a bussiness card. They can put this address to their email signatures and whatever. Each homepage takes about 2 KB of space. Also this second version gives you the ability to customize it with you needs by providing all of the html parts as templates.

  2. Smarter Scripts' Smart Archive
    $39 - $59 - Platform: Unix
    Smart Archive will run a high quality file archive on your site. You can add files yourself or allow others to add files (and they will be given credit). You might have seen some sites with this type of archive before, now you can have one yourself! Smart Archive does more than any of these other archives: People can add files by giving the file URL or by uploading it to the site, thumbnails can also be linked or uploaded (useful for picture archives!), plenty of info can be displayed on the archive (file size, when it was added, who added it, etc.), and people can sort the files in many different ways. You can even let people add files to a "download list" so that they can download all the files at once, later, when they are ready (useful for people with slow internet connections). The most unique feature is that you can run your archive like an FTP server, requiring people to add files to it before they can download any!

  3. Smarter Scripts' SmartFTP
    $49 - $69 - Platform: Unix
    Unlike many FTP CGIs who only imitate an FTP server, SmartFTP really connects to any FTP in the world! It does not only display files on the same server the CGI is installed on, but opens a real FTP connection. It lets you view files and browse an FTP, all on your web site with your design (colors, links, ad banners, etc...). It even has the basic features of an FTP program, such as deleting, renaming, making new directories, and more. Plus, some extra features most FTP programs don't even offer: Creating and editing any file (such as HTML or Text), which makes things faster and easier than using a seperate editing program for files.

  4. SnoopExec
    10.00 - Platform: Unix
    SnoopExec® will read ANY FILE ON YOUR SERVER including htaccess, htpasswd and system files and display it to you in the browser. Any file entered will both show its code and execute its function. DELETE AFTER EACH USE.

  5. ThereWare Site Builder & Manager
    $39.95 - Platform: Unix
    ThereWare 2.0 is available in 5 versions, 1 is freeware. Builds and serves each page dynamically. Paid shareware downloads receive the free admin package with online page editing and site membership mailing list. Download free for evaluation. Only one changable line, script creates all cgi and html pages and directories for you.

  6. ToDoPro
    $25 - Platform: Unix
    ToDoPro is designed to be run as your default home page when you start your browser. It allows you to add items "to-do", reminding you of your tasks. You can delete items, or have them moved to a "completed" lists, showing the date added and date completed. A great tool for reminding you what you should be invoicing for last month!

  7. Ultra Home
    $30 - Platform: Unix
    Ever wanted to provide your website visitors with a free website without the expensive cost of ftp accounts? You now have that option! Ultra Home allows your visitors to signup for a free website via a link on your home page, after signing up the user can then go in and manage their account. The manager includes uploads, new text files, edit text files, delete files, and recursive directories.

  8. Vlinto
    $199 - Platform: Unix
    Vlinto is a multi-user utility not a simple file management script, used for allowing clients to securely upload, edit, and maintain a web page. Vlinto also functions as a monitor for you to keep an eye on your client's activities. Nothing will get by you with Vlinto. If you have ever thought about providing web hosting services to others for money, Vlinto is a cost effective way to do so.

  9. WebHome
    $80 - Platform: Unix
    WebHome is a very powerful cgi script that lets you create a web based web hosting site just like Geocities and Tripod at a low price. It has just as many, if not more, features as its competitors and is always under development adding new and improved features. It is very fast, stable, secure and has been tested with over 2000 users with no sign of slow down. WebHome can be used as a great tool to get people to your website and has a header/footer option that lets you run any advertising program.

  10. WebHome Free
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Welcome to the WebHome Free v1.0 website, the free version of the popular WebHome cgi script. WebHome is basicly a CGI script that allows you to become your own geocities. It allows you to automaticly except user signups and uploading from the Web.

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