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Web Space Management Scripts
  1. EasyHost
    $150 - Platform(s): Unix, Windows 9.x/NT
    EasyHost is an All-In-One Hosting Management Solution with the power and stability you need to easily intregate web hosting services into your site. EasyHost is very fast, stable, secure and has been tested with over 50,000 users with no sign of slow down.

  2. EasyHost Free
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, Windows 9.x/NT
    This is the free version of EasyHost that allows you to get a hosting service up and running fast. It is fast, stable, secure and has been tested with over 50,000 users with no sign of slow down. User features: Quick and easy signup, Sorted listing of all accounts, File manager, Upload multiple files, Create directories, Standard file functions, Remembers login information (using cookies), Space limit, and Banned file extentions. Admin features: Simple 4 step setup, Password protected admin control panel, Configure all paths, limits, etc. through web-based interface, View, modify and remove users, and ability to change administrative password.

  3. eShowcase Pro
    $975 - Platform: Unix
    The only tool you need to automatically build and manage your own profitable internet shopping mall. Create fully featured eCommerce enabled web stores in under 2 mins and lease them out to local businesses. Browser based menu interface for both store and mall management.

  4. file-manager
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Let your users have their own personal web sites under your domain!

  5. Hello Baby
    $150 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Let new parents share their good news on your web site. Hello Baby! is a birth announcement script that allows parents to share an electronic baby announcement with friends and family.

  6. Home Free
    $299 - Platform: Unix
    The original free home page program, Home Free is a great addition to any site. Home Free allows anyone to give their visitors free home pages, with a simple perl program. Home Free not only limits the disk space for each account but can also insert administrative control headers and footers on every user created html page. Users create and maintain their web pages through a fully featured file manager, which includes the ability to create, edit, upload, rename and delete files. Home Free has a community or category feature, were users can choose the community where their web site will fit in. The categories are completely configurable via the browser and the admin.cgi portion of the program.

  7. InterCom
    $200 - Platform(s): UNIX, LINUX, NT
    Very powerful program package that allows you to turn your website into a 'geocities' community in literally minutes! Allows you, the admin, to manage your users, their sites, ads and TONS of features! Users signup for sites, build and upload their files and you profit from it! Comes standard with a guestbook and packed with features!

  8. Janet
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Janet, and her partner script Brad, make it very simple for you to give away homepages off your own website. Users can fill out a simple form, click a button, and their own three page website will be built in your users directory (eg www.you.com/users/sitename). All you have to do is put an SSI to Brad on the page you want to contain the form, sit back, and watch the traffic flow in.

  9. Janet Pro
    $125 - Platform: Unix
    JanetPro is a multi-user, web-based file manager written in Perl5. Using this set of scripts you can offer free or fee-based web hosting from your own domain, without having to set up seperate ftp accounts for each user. Users have the flexibility of an advanced or basic editor, as well as browser upload, file transfer system, and an instant guestbook. Admin has the option of allowing instant user signup, or 'auth only' signups. An external admin script allows the Admin to email all users, edit user info (including user's allowed space), delete accounts and more.

  10. Mill Road Site Builder
    $49.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    Give your visitors a free website. 3 layout options plus an HTML editor. Graphics library. Email all users.

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