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  1. Ultra HTML Web Page Wizard
    $900 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    This program is so simple and easy to use, your parents could do it! Designed for ISP's and resellers. Just choose a preformated template, select the page colors, fill in the form, and you have a page. Image Library with over 1500 images. File Uploads via the Browser, Advanced Editor and File Management.

  2. Veinotte's Advanced Web File Editor
    Platform: Unix
    This script enables you to replace lines of text or html code in a single file or globally throughout your site, from your browser. It will find and replace whatever line you enter, in the file or directory that you specify. It will tell you how many times the replacement has been made, and how many directories and files it searched.

  3. Veinotte's Advanced HTML File Generator
    Platform: Unix
    This script creates text and html files from text that you supply via a form. Then using an HTML template and the text file, it will generate the new HTML file. Best of all, when you want to change the format of all the files that the script has generated, you just click "Rebuild All Files" and, using the original text files and the new template HTML file, it will recreate each of the HTML pages. Great for any site that receives submissions of any kind in text form and needs HTML generated without having to do it manually!

  4. WAP Text Modify
    $24.95 - Platform: Unix
    Modify both the Web and WAP sites' text contents simultaneously (in one step) through WAP interface. This script is written to display the modification date, 3 products and their prices. Comes with WAP input form. With some simple HTML and cgi knowledge, your can modify the active output WAP and Web pages to suit your needs. Eg. you may have more products or you may want to convert it to a message board.

  5. Web Message Editor (WME) Gold
    $59 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    WME Gold allows you to painlessly update areas of your web pages without having to do any HTML coding at all. WME Gold allows for multiple fields in the same web page to be updated. WME Gold has been designed with ISPs in mind so that you can get an ISP license for each of your servers and all of your customers can use it to update any designated pages on your server.

  6. Web Message Editor
    Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    This is a CGI script that allows web site owners to modify a 'news' box on their web pages through a CGI based form. It has been designed with Web Developers in mind so that you will only need 1 copy of the script to edit any of your web pages.

  7. WebEdit Professional
    $145.00 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, Windows
    WebEdit Professional is a powerful browser-based website management application with file management and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing. Enables any non-technical user (No HTML or FTP knowledge required) to create, edit & update their entire website right through a browser. Use the simple to use, powerful editor, to edit any page within your site. Effortless point & click interface, edit text as you would in a word processor, modify font, styles (css), size, color, formatting, alignment, table support, add, upload, delete, rename files, images & more. 100% Script. No downloadable ActiveX control, DLLs or Database required

  8. WebNow BY UKWebs
    $199 - 599 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    WebNow allows you to provide free WebPages to your users/visitors in a safe, administered environment. Forget fiddly scripts that require you to understand the operating system, WebNow features a fully automated environment. WebNow delivers a tool for Web Administrators to give their visitors WebPages NOW.

  9. WebMan Webpage Generator and Manager
    Platform: Unix
    A flexible instant Webpage generator and manager system offer webpage addition, update, deletion, searching, reporting and image support capabilities. The database is templates controlled.

  10. Webmaster Basic v1.2
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    Webmaster Basic v1.2 Creates multiple mini-sales sites. Sales page, and thank you page. File and image upload built in. Working demo available

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