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Web Editors
  1. News Update
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/Win NT/2000
    Using Server Side Includes (SSI), News Update will instantly insert your late breaking stories and articles on any page you choose. From one 2 line form, you can easily place your news in a matter of seconds.

  2. Page Manager
    $100 - Platform: Unix
    The Page Manager will maintain and create web pages using templates easily configured to look like any web site. Knowledge of HTML is not needed at all to use this system. Anyone who can click on a link can be trained to use it ten minutes.

  3. Page Publisher
    $99.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Overwhelmed by a daily avalanche of HTML page changes? Page Publisher is an advanced content management system that allows non-technical users to easily update information on their websites without learning HTML or fear of ruining the site design.

  4. Pagenews
    Free - Platform(s): All
    This script allows you to post the latest news on your page via the web. Features user management, web based design, automatic deletion of old news, building news archives, posting search, and more. No database required.

  5. PeepShow
    $45 - Platform - Unix
    PeepShow is a picture gallery organizer. It uses just a few variables for each location/gallery and displays a table of thumbnails for your pictures, with links to display the full sized version of each one. The program generates the actual HTML page that is displayed, so your pictures look nice on the screen..

  6. PressRoom
    Free - Platform(s): *nix
    Web-based so no more uploading files. Online Editor to change or update news and archives. Automatically archives news based on counters you set. News and Archives can be added to the file of your choice and can be added inside spans, blockquotes, tables, or any HTML tags. HTML can also be included in news.

  7. PrintView
    $50 - Platforms - Unix, Windows, Mac
    PrintView is a web page printing utility. It strips the colors out of web pages to ensure they will print properly on non-color printers. It will also insert a footer in the print view that can be used to display copyright and other site information.

  8. Rovis BackPage
    $9.95 - Platform: Unix
    BackPagge is a simple webpage maintanence tool. Need to fix some typos? Or maybe repair a couple of broken links? Why launch a slow loading 20MB app? Do it right from your browser with BackPage. While other web page editors are bloated by trying to include everything and anything, BackPage concentrates on the simple web site needs. BackPage is not intended to replace your primary HTML editor. BackPage is an easy to use, thin web page maintenance tool. BackPage complements your current web tools, giving you a quick and simple way to update content on your existing web pages without having to leave your web browser.

  9. Sammy's Homepage Maker
    $29.95 - Platform: Unix
    Sammy's Homepage Creator is a script which enables a user to type in text in a text field and choose what you want on a homepage from another homepage.  It is then made into a HTML file of your choice on the webmasters server. You are able to edit your page which you can choose your backgroud color, heading, and links.

  10. RZ WebEd
    $150 - Platform: Unix
    RZ WebEd allows you to setup a FTP like environment for your users/customers so that they can have full control over their web page. The interface looks just like a GUI FTP program, but they can use their browsers instead. No need for them to purchase, install and learn new software.

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