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  1. HiAlbum
    275 GBP or 395 USD - Platform(s): UNIX derived webserver (Linux, Cobalt etc.) or any WIN32 server platform (NT, Win2k etc.)
    HiAlbum is a powerful image indexing system which allows you to generate an online photo album on the fly. With a password protected online editing section where multiple albums can be managed, plus the ability to change fonts, image layout, edit templates and to add alternative album sections. Editable HTML templates means the look of HiAlbum can be tailored for your website, and three online edit modes means it has never been easier to create and update an online photo album. HiAlbum supports thumnails and enlarged photos, both with captions. Enlarged photos have the own navigation system allowing users to navigate directly between enlarged photos.

  2. HiFAQ
    120 GBP or 168 USD - Platform(s): Windows NT/2000 and UNIX
    HiFAQ produces online searchable FAQ/News database on the fly. Designed for use on corporate type sites where appearance is important and the FAQ is developed/maintained by a user with only basic secretarial skills. Demo available on our website.

  3. HiFAQ PRO
    250 GBP or 350 USD - Platform(s): Windows NT/2000 and UNIX
    HiFAQ Pro is an extended version of the HiFAQ online searchable FAQ/News database system for corporate sites. Multiple contributors can be granted differing access priveleges, allowing contributors to be assigned to help manage the FAQ. A powerful search utility allows swift and precise FAQ searches. Demo available on our website.

  4. HiJobs
    195 GBP, 307 USD - Platform(s): Unix, Windows NT
    HiJobs is an online content management utility which enables a firm to easily maintain an up to the minute jobs vacancies list on their website. HiJobs uses a customisable HTML template, and a simple configuration text file which manages basic formatting and layout options, plus the availability of certain features. HiJobs includes support for auto archiving of older jobs, a search engine, and includes all the fields you would expect, including Job Reference, Hours per Week, Closing date, Contact Details etc. A simple to use, secure Administrator area means all updating can be performed online by an individual without technical experience, via a web browser.

  5. HiNews
    110 GBP or 154 USD - Platform(s): Windows NT/2000 and UNIX
    HiNews is a dynamic content management utility which enables a site owner to update a page of their website, perhaps with latest news, special offers or upcoming events. Many features including searchable auto-archiving, customisable templates. Suitable for corporate quality website. Demo available on our website.

  6. HomePageMaker
    HomePageMaker enables you to host small homepages built and maintained by your visitors. The user can edit their page at anytime through their web browser, and at no time do they have to upload anything via FTP.

  7. HomePageMaker - Modified Version
    HomePageMaker was originally written by Dave Palmer and now modified by Greg Mathews. This version also incorporates the 'Picture Frame 1.0' Script by Mike Wheeler.

  8. HOW?
    Free - Platform: Unix
    The name HOW comes from editting "Html On the Web". If you update some pages frequently, you may want to make this process speedy. Instead of using ftp, you can modify your pages from your browser.

  9. HTMPL
    Free - Platform(s): UNIX, NT
    HTMPL works over set of templates and gives users an opportunity to design web pages and web sites interactively. Those templates are actually HTML files, which are created just once. HTMPL allows to create, edit and delete pages. Using scripts, user can add his own text, graphs, links and flash movies, which template can support, into web pages. No special requirements for server, no database are needed, just HTML + Perl.

  10. IEXP FastPage
    $79 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    IEXP FastPage is an all new generation of the original Web Message Editor! With image uploading, body background, text and link colors, email links, and more, IEXP FastPage is the perfect tool for website owners to maintain their web pages. FastPage was designed to update MULTIPLE fields in your webpage at once, or selectively update only the ones you want to. Click and upload a new title graphic, background image, downloadable file and more!

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