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Web Editors
    Free - Platforms: WinNT, Win95
    This command line program formats and indents HTML code and writes a new file with the results. It makes code generated by some WYSIWYG HTML editors easier to read for humans. FHTML.PL was developed and tested on Windows 95 and NT systems. The developer says it should run fine on other operating systems.

  2. Flash Page
    Flash Page is a WWW content management service designed to allow users with no knowledge of HTML the ability to easily and efficiently manage specific web site information.

  3. FlyPage Editor
    US$ 199.00 Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Flypage Content Updater is a cgi program that runs on your server that allows you to quickly make changes to html pages by calling up a password protected web page and typing in your changes. That html page is then instantly updated with those changes for the world to see. No html or ftp knowledge needed.

  4. Fresh News Updater
    Free/$19 - Platform: Unix
    With Fresh News Updater you are able to display announcements, news or other messages on your website extremely quick and easy. Enter, edit and delete news headlines and bodies comfortably in your Admin Control Panel. The news box layout is fully customizable via a HTML template.

  5. Fresh Question Manager
    Free/$19 - Platform(s): Unix
    With the Fresh Question Manager you are able to answer questions posted by your users and put them online with a simple click. Private handling of questions supported. Database administration through Admin Control Panel, easy layout customization. Ideal online counselling software.

  6. Genesis
    The Genesis script lets you administer your web page from your web browser. It includes an interface for listing all files in a directory, editing text or HTML files, creating text or HTML files, uploading binary, text or HTML files from your home computer, deleting files, and renaming files. The script supports unlimited nested subdirectories and allows you to create, delete, rename, and switch directories as you work.

  7. Genesis - Modified Version
    A variation of the orriginal Genesis script.

  8. HiAgents
    500 GBP or 700 USD - Platform(s): Windows NT/2000 and UNIX
    HiAgents is a complete searchable property database solution for Estate Agent / Realtor's websites which requires no native database support on the host server. Online property portfolios can be easily managed by an individual without technical expertise. Every back-end requirement an Estate Agent or Realtor might have is catered for. Includes multiple image support, auto map link, property specific feedback forms, tenancy schedules forms etc. Pro-quality front end easily adaptable using HTML templates. Demo available on our website.

  9. HiAgents MultiUser
    1200 GBP or 1680 USD - Platform(s): Windows NT/2000 and UNIX
    The Multi User version of HiAgents is a complete searchable property database solution for Estate Agent / Realtor's websites. Can be used to supply online databasing to unlimited sub agents, or to distinguish between different branches / outlets of the firm. Set customised edit permissions for each user. For entrepreneurs, this is 'findaproperty.com' in a box. Also available for other idustries, classified ads etc. Demo available on our website.

  10. HeadFoot
    $25.00 - Platform: Unix
    Ever wanted to include easy headers and footers in all html files for much easier updating of your site or to allow you to change the look and feel of your site instantly and globally? This will allow you to do exactly that. Requires SSI to run.

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