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  1. DzSoft Perl Editor
    $49 - Platform(s): win 95/98/ME/NT/2000
    DzSoft Perl Editor is a tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl CGI scripts. It has a comfortable and intuitive interface both for beginners and advanced programmers. DzSoft Perl Editor is deceptively simple, but it is really a very powerful tool. Has debugging features, very comfortable editor with syntax highlighting, Code Explorer and many other features for easy and comfortable Perl development. With DzSoft Perl Editor you can run a script and see the result immedialetu in the internal browser with just a one click (you dont have to run a web server to test a script)! The program can upload your script to FTP, export the source to HTML to publish on your web site, find errors in your script in a moment.

  2. EditNow
    EditNow is an online fully interactive comprehensive web page editor. Forget those restrictive form-based editors, or those that still require knowledge of HTML. EditNow delivers an effective design tool for users who want web pages NOW.

  3. Editor Lite
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    The Editor is a full featured news posting script that allows for multiple passworded reporters and multiple categories. Easy to install, and simple to use the Editor is an ideal script to run your web site news section. Postings can include full html, imbeded javascript, images etc... Reporters can edit only their own articles. Admin has full rights through a comprehensive admin system with a customising panel wich includes numerous html inserts into an attractive page layout.

  4. eMediaAdmin
    Platform: Unix
    Easy-to-use software helps newspapers, magazines and other publishers post their content to the Web. Script creates HTML pages (using your own design) and updates tables of contents and chronological archives.

  5. EzHTML Web Page Wizard
    $200.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    A Very simple to use Web Page Wizard. File Uploads via the Browser, Advanced Editor and File Management. Novice users love the simplicity of EzHTML. Very easy to administer via our web interface.

  6. Ezmanager.pl
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Here's a little manager that allows you to create directories, edit files, delete files, upload files and create an HTML index of any directory. Can easily be used for client sites that have user updatable text/HTML files or, if you give/sell accounts on your URL, you can restrict them to specific directories.

  7. EzyEdit Pro v1.1
    $145.00 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux
    EzyEdit Pro is the simple way to update your (or your clients) website content without any technical knowledge. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing, including text formating and image support, including image upload, delete and insert. Cut and Paste from Microsoft Word. Easy to install, Easy to use. Password protected login. Clean and simple user interface. View quick online demo for more detailed description of features.

  8. FAQ Manager
    This handly Perl script takes away the pain and tediousness associated with preparing FAQ pages. The script makes it easier to modify any existing FAQs by adding/deleting entries.

  9. FAQGen
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    FAQGen allows you to create FAQ pages, and the script builds the page every time a request is made so the page is up to date. You can add unlimited pages, categories per page, Q&A couples, rename and modify all these things, etc.

  10. FAQmaster
    $25.00 - Platform: Unix
    An easy to use FAQ management system allowing you to create an organized and easily maintainable FAQ for your website. Ideal for large FAQs. Add, edit, delete, modify, and sort Categories, topics, questions and answers. Includes form for end users to submit new questions.

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