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File Uploading Scripts
  1. File Manager
    FREE - Platform(s): Unix, Win
    The file manager with unlimited quantity of users. It is easily customized. It is easy in use. A beta the version. Soon to it will the manager and possibility to take away files.

  2. File Upload Utility
    $20 - Platform: Unix
    This utility allows file uploading to any directory accessible via HTTP or FTP. It includes optional file overwriting, on-the-fly unzip, mail notification. No libraries required.

  3. File Uploader
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    A simple script that uploads files form your PC to your web server. The demo allows image files (.jpg .gif .bmp) up to 50Kb to be uploaded to this server. You can limit file size and type, form a movie to excell spreadsheet to any file you want. There is a basic password protection if needed. Works on most/all servers.

  4. GalleryMaker
    $450 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    This script completely automates the creating of thumbnail galleries on your server and submitting them to TGP sites. It even creates the thumbs from the full size images you upload! Can be crontabbed to run automatically, even when you're not around!!

  5. Jeff's CGI Scripts: File Upload!
    Free - Platforms: Unix, Windows
    Want to upload files to your web directory without using FTP or Telnet? Thanks to new features in Netscape 2.0+, you can! This script allows you to enter a name for the file to be saved as, and then select a file on your computer to be uploaded to the WWW server. Administrators can configure which directory they will allow files to be uploaded inside the script to prevent tampering. This script is ideal for admin's who want to allow users to upload files, but don't want to issue separate telnet accounts or teach their users the ways of FTP.

  6. microManager
    $15 - Platform(s): Unix
    Web (Browser) Based Upload. Features: Lots of suitable settings; Allow/Deny Different File extensions; Ability to handle all types of attachments (PDF, XLS, ZIP, SWF, etc.); Limit file size upload in KB; Allow/Deny Delete Overwrite of files; Autodropdown menu; Give the exact path to Your upload DIR; Password protected script; And more...

  7. Mill Road Gallery Builder
    $39. - Platform(s): Unix
    Give your visitors a free art or photo gallery. Set the number of graphics uploads per gallery. Creates mailing list of all users.

  8. PC PicPost
    $50 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    Full Featured PicPost script that has the functionality you need.

  9. Remote Ftp Server
    Platform: Unix
    Developed as an extra security measure for people that sell FILES and SOFTWARE. REMOTE FTP SERVER runs from the browser and will push a file off of your server to the client server. Client enters their host, username, password, and a destination directory and the file is transferred at ethernet speeds even if they are only using a dialup account. Great way to add extra security to sites distributing files. May be integrated into payment systems fairly easily by using ENV(remote_user) variable as the ftp hostname.

  10. RZ Soft: WebEd
    $150 - Platform: Unix
    RZ WEBED allows you to setup a FTP like environment for your users/customers so that they can have full control over their web page. The interface looks just like a GUI FTP program, but they can use their browsers instead. No need for them to purchase, install and learn new software. In addition, the system protects your server as well. Many FTP servers will allow the user to browse almost any directory on your server. This system blocks everything out below their directories, so they can only view THEIR files!

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