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File Uploading Scripts
  1. Smart Archive
    $39 - $59 - Platform: Unix
    Smart Archive will run a high quality file archive on your site. You can add files yourself or allow others to add files (and they will be given credit). You might have seen some sites with this type of archive before, now you can have one yourself! Smart Archive does more than any of these other archives: People can add files by giving the file URL or by uploading it to the site, thumbnails can also be linked or uploaded (useful for picture archives!), plenty of info can be displayed on the archive (file size, when it was added, who added it, etc.), and people can sort the files in many different ways. You can even let people add files to a "download list" so that they can download all the files at once, later, when they are ready (useful for people with slow internet connections). The most unique feature is that you can run your archive like an FTP server, requiring people to add files to it before they can download any!

  2. AccessExec
    10.00 - Platform(s): UNIX
    AccessExec® is simple and perfect for sites to offer emailed files including perl scripts, newsletters, contest entry forms, contest rules forms, information files, user manuals or anything contained in a single file. It does not matter what the extension is this script will send it in email. (No graphics)

  3. Auto-Gallery
    Platform: Unix
    Auto-Gallery eliminates the hassles of maintaining image galleries. You just upload the pictures and it does all the work for you including: sorting by 8 different criteria, determining height and width automatically, and preventing people from stealing your bandwidth. It even generates reports based on what’s popular and user ratings of each picture. Auto-Gallery makes your site shine.

  4. CGI FTP script
    $30 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/2000
    CGI FTP script runs from the browser and will push a files off of your server to the remote server and get files from remote server to your server. Client enters their host, username, password, and a destination directory and the files is transferred at ethernet speeds even if they are only using a dialup account.

  5. csFileshare
    35 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csFileshare is a web based system for sharing files. Ability to set up multiple shared drives. Ability to configure disk quotas on each shared drive. Each drive can be configured to purge files after a specific number of days. Ability to add multiple unique users or the entire system can be configured for anonymous access (no password). Excellent for workgroups. A must have for people who want to share files for business or between family and friends.

  6. csUpload
    $30 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csUpload is an automated script that allows the user to upload files to your server and have them automatically added to an HTML file for viewing from a web site. Create multiple pages/sets of file uploads. Upload files and add descriptions that act as links to that file. Add, Modify, Delete links to the files from an easy to understand management page. HTML files use template files that can be modified to match your web site. All style settings are adjusted using a web based interface. Include code added to management page for easy reference. This script really saves time, check it out.

  7. eUpload
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows for people to upload files directly through their web browser to your server. Administrators can configure for each users where file will be uploaded.

  8. EZ File Uploader
    $20.00 - Platform: Unix
    File uploading made easy. Great for Webtv! This is a very simple cgi script that allows you to upload images and HTML files to your web server straight from the web. Just enter the URL you wish to upload, the new file name you wish the file to be called, the directory you would like to keep the file in and press Upload. That's it, it's that easy! It's the fast way to upload your files. This is your own service run on your own server and you are the only one using it, so there is never any waiting for others to transload your files and there are no file size limits.

  9. EZBProcess
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    This is a tool that allows you to upload delimited text files thru the Script and have the script process the orders instantly. An excellant way of billing recurring site or service members.

  10. File Exchange
    $199 - Platforms: Unix, Windows
    A graphical and intuitive file Retrieval application, using JavaScript For speed, looks, and providing users a more traditional "Windows" look and feel, as opposed to the more common textual FTP interfaces predominant on the Internet. If you are a webmaster, this is the system that gives more control, without any re-coding of your pages!

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