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Top Sites and URL Submission Scripts
  1. Submit It by haverok.net
    $15 - Platform: Unix
    With this script you can enable your customers to submit their pages to the top search engines. Users just simply fill out a form and select the search engines, and done... The setup is easy. You just need to edit the form point to the script. You dont need to edit anything else!!!

  2. SubmitNet
    $400 - Platform: Unix
    Submitnet has the most sophisticated perl submission script on the internet. You can use this software to start your own state of the art search engine promotion service. This script is totally automatic. Once a simple form is filled out the script splits your screen into two frames. You get to see the submission actually onscreen, absolutely no submit buttons are created. It comes with the ability to submit to the top 60 search engines but can be easily edited to submit to more engines.

  3. Top 1000 Sites by CGI and More
    $99.00 - Platform: Unix
    The top 1000 site script registers sites from users wanting to be listed. It then keeps track of how many hits each site receives. In order for the hit tracking to take place the user must add a link with an image back to the site that has the top 1000 script on it. This gives the owner of the script the opportunity to advertise on sites. Only one hit from each IP address is counted in a 24 hour period. This prevent cheaters.

  4. Top List by haverok.net
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script is for creating a top list. Users can Sign up and modify their webpage name/URL. With this script you can create a Top 50 (or top anything) list, and enable your users to add their site into the top-list. You just need to create a picture (what the users will show up on their pages) and see whats happening.

  5. Top Sites 2000
    $199 - Platform: Unix
    Unlimited sites ranking with categories support. Features include: auto user registration/update, ip-blocking, remove dead accounts, anti-cheat gateway, daily top50 list, weekly top50 list, stats, browse sites by category, search sites, mail all members, recommend site and more.

  6. Top Sites Professional
    $250 - Platforms: Unix, Windows NT
    Top Sites is the original and premier web site ranking program, which can build great traffic to many web sites. Version 3.0 contains over 100 different variables to create an unlimited number of combinations, ensuring you your Top Sites will be one of a kind. The best part is that there is no editing of cgi scripts needed. All variable configuring is done via your web browser, making it easy for anyone, no matter if they have a clue about cgi or not. A few of Top Sites features include:
    • Total control over colors and look.
    • Encrypted passwords.
    • Ease of customization (headers and footers for all pages)
    • Admin and Member editing of account.
    • IP blocking to deter cheaters.
    • You decide how you want your members to be ranked:
      • Total hits in
      • Hits in current day
      • Hits in current week
      • Hits in current month
      • Hit/day average

    Plus much much more.

  7. Top Sites by Optimum Networks
    Platform: Unix
    Top sites is a program which works like a poll system. It lets a webmaster sign up and receive a special URL which he/she will put on their website. Then, whoever clicks on that link/banner linked to that special URL will generate one vote for that site. The more votes the site gets, the higher it is ranked among other sites.

  8. Top Sites by Solution Scripts
    Free / $250.00 - Platform: Unix
    Top Sites is the premier web site ranking program, which can build great traffic to many web sites. It starts by web masters signing up and adding their site to Top Sites, with their page name, url and a banner url. They are then given a unique HTML code (either a text or image link) to place on their site. Every time a person clicks on the image or text the hit is counted for the member who's link was clicked. They are then automatically directed to the a Top Sites page displaying the top 10 or 25 or what ever you want. Ranking the sites on the amount of hits they have brought that day or total number of hits overall.

  9. TrafficMaker
    $200 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    This script automates the sometimes tiresome job of submitting your pics and galleries to PicPost and TGP Sites. Complete help system built in, including ALL reciprocal info, even the buttons! Shoot your site into the heavily travelled site it should be!!!

  10. Topsites Traffic Generating Program
    Platform: Unix
    Topsites is a popular promotional program that allows your affiliates & promoters to send traffic and earn reciprocal displays on a link list. Our advanced software generates the linklist from crontab to allow ultrafast operation even under heavy fire. Topsites is fully compatible with our AGENTS OF FORTUNE affiliate software which tracks and awards sales commissions. The topsites list may be inserted on the fly into any webpage with a simple server sides includes command, be used as its own web page or in a console. Comprehensive statistics are provided for both administrator and affiliates which breakdown the traffic sent and traffic received from each promoter. Admin stats allow overview of traffic for the entire year, bi-monthly, or daily statistical periods and may also kick out malicious users.

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