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Top Sites and URL Submission Scripts
  1. Pro Target
    $250 - Platform: Unix
    Pro Target is aURL submitter that submits any website to 420 search engines instantly.

  2. Professional FFA Blaster
    $395.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    With the auto FFA you Just enter your clients info and this amazing script will auto submit their site to 15,000+ high traffic FFA pages every day at the same time. Telnet access is required to install this. With The client FFA they enter and send their details and you save work. Once the submission has been completed the script auto emails the client the submission results. With The auto FFA you can charge a nominal fee, say $10 a month to submit your clients sites every day for 28 days to 15,000 + high traffic sites and the server does all the work. The CRON function tells the server to submit this URL and details to these sites at the same time every day. This is an awesome program. These are the same sites the top marketers submit to. People who use FFA's regularly know you must submit to these daily to keep your links near the top of these pages. The Cron Power blaster makes this task super easy.

  3. Promoblitza Automated Submission System
    $295.00 - Platform: Unix
    The Promoblitza Automated Submission System, has replaced the daily chores associated with publicizing your web presence, this is achieved through an integrated, hands free process, allowing you the time to focus on what's really important, developing your Websites full potential, rather than just maintaining the level of limited success you have already achieved through PC based or Internet based submission.

  4. Rank 'Em
    $50 / $70 - Platform: Unix
    This set of scripts is your basic "top referring sites" script. Webmasters will sign up for your list, get unique HTML code to place on their page, and then be ranked against the other sites based upon the amount of visitors they send in. Surfers that are sent to your site will be sent to a page containing the top hit senders for the day, and links to those pages.

  5. Rank 'Em Lite
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Rank 'Em Lite is the freeware version of Rank 'Em. This set of scripts does have a lot fewer features than the full version, but can still be used to run a decent top sites list.No technical support is available for this script.

  6. Rank It
    $25 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    This script is designed to help web site owners determine their ranking on the top 10 search engines. This script will take the users web site information, and then report back their ranking in the top 10 search engines. This script is very useful to generate repeat visitors or to offer as a service to your members.

  7. Ranking System v.2.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Ranking System is not only for creating a top-sites list but also for creating a list for anything you want to rank. For example, the products of your company, each section on your web site, the latest music, and anything you can think. This script doesn't just rank a member by the total votes, but also the scores that the visitors give to the member.

  8. RankMaster
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    RankMaster is a script that allows you to create and maintain a Top Sites list. Unlike most other ranking programs, it does not count the hits, but allows the visitors to rate the sites on the scale from 1 to 10. It then generates a Top List based either on the number of votes, average rating or "quality points" (votes X average rating). The freeware version of the script includes a web-based admin interface and features such as voting gateway, IP logging, inactive member flagging and deletion, reset setting, position change indicator and many more.

  9. ReferMadness
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Offering more features than many commerical Top Sites programs, ReferMadness is a free program that allows you to easily install and manage your own Top Sites page. Some features include: a secure web-based administration panel and configuration file editor, very customizable appearance and text and much more.

  10. SE Submission Client by Dynamic-Scripts
    $55 - Platform: Unix
    DESCRIPTION: Seamlessly allow your visitors to submit their website to the top 25 Search Engines with only 1 click of a button.

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