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Top Sites and URL Submission Scripts
  1. List Site PRO
    Free - Platform: Unix
    List Site PRO is an excellent way to promote your site. List Site PRO is a top site ranking system that counts hits from member sites and then ranks them according to the number of hits. List Site PRO allows the highest ranking members to display their banners. This Perl program is fully customizable.

  2. List Site Pro modified version
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A modified verion of List Site Pro 2.0

  3. Lyles Topsite
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Creates a top list ranking of sites, ranked by clicks to your site. Extremely configurable. Excellent way of getting loads of traffic with the least effort.

  4. MassSites
    $225.00 - Platform: Unix
    What this script does is very simply put. It Mass Produces Websites designed to YOUR templates, AND gets them in the major Search Engines all in one shot.

  5. Mega Blaster Power Submitter
    $695.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    This powerful script does what few others do. It power submits your members ads to 210,000 websites in minutes and gives them an instant success page so they can go and do other things without having to hang around for hours while the submitter does it's work. It allows users to save and retrieve their ads for use later so they don't have to keep typing the same thing over and over again. Program submits to directories, classified sites, FFA pages and selected Search Engines. Price includes full installation on your domain order server and 30 days FREE tech support.

  6. Mega FFA Submitter
    $95 - Platform: Unix
    Mega FFA Submitter is a perl script that allows you to automatically submit your url to a growing list, fed with new free for all link pages. Mega FFA Submitter allows you to setup your own "real-time" free submission service, to send submission reports and thousands of spam-free e-mails per month, advertising your opportunities. This is one of the best ways to attract immediate traffic to your website.

  7. NemTop V1.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A new free Topsite script that includes all the features you would expect from a commercial topsite application. Written in PERL, NemTop also includes an intuitive web interface for Administration and Configuration of the list where list masters may add, delete and edit list accounts and set all list options and variables. List owners may specify the number of sites to be listed, the number of minimum referrals in to be listed, the number of sites to list with banners, the refresh and reset time periods, and can completely customize the generated list with the use of templates. Participating webmasters may add and edit their site's account details.

  8. Newsbot - Database-Driven Usenet Posting Engine
    Platform: Unix
    Newsbot interfaces to any password protected USENET account and allows you to fully submit messages in bulk from your telnet account. The most powerful fully automatic usenet message system available anywhere. Warning - this tool is NOT to be used for SPAMMING and may get your usenet account revoked if abused.

  9. Newswire
    Platform: Unix
    Fastest way to submit your sites to the search engines. Hit the TOP search engines in SECONDS. Simply enter your url and email address and newswire submits you to the top search engines automatically! A great way to collect email lists, get visitors to bookmark you and increase your traffic.

  10. Popularity from CGI biz
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows you to see the popularity of a particular URL by figuring out the number of sites that are linking to the URL. It queries AltaVista, Google, Hotbot and other search engines and reports link popularity.

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