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Top Sites and URL Submission Scripts
  1. Done-Right: Site Submitter Lite
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Site Submitter Lite will allow your visitors to submit their site to 5 popular search engines. Easy to setup and visually appealing.

  2. Done-Right: Site Submitter
    $54.99 - Platform: Unix
    Site Submitter will allow your visitors to submit their site to the top 30 search engines in seconds. Site Submitter is equipped with advanced graphics to reveal the status of your submissions and is easily customizable to fit your design.

  3. DTP Topsites Script
    $220.00 - Platform: Unix
    This script will automaticly rank its members sites eather by the hits they send the script or the amount of unique daily hits there site receives. This script also allows you to have different banners for each position on the ranking so you can show each members position on there banner. Also visitors can view the statistics of every site in the ranking by clicking the rank number.

  4. EasyIndex
    $300.00 - Platform: Unix
    EasyIndex completely automates the submission of multiple pages from your website to search engines. Uses keywords YOU supply to create keyword.yourdomain.com subdomains and directories, uses templates you design to create a page, then submits it to the major search engines. Can be crontabbed to run many times a day so you don't have to worry about it, set it, forget it, and watch the hits roll in.

  5. EasyPage
    $350 - Platform: Unix
    Completely Automatic and fully cloaked dynamic site creator. All virtual, no files created, no server space taken up. Completely Search Engine specific capabilities, fully random.

  6. EasyRank
    Free - Platform: Unix
    EasyRank is the first topsites script to integrate a topsites listing with click-through stats! It tabulates each site's daily hits, their total hits since joining, total clicks since joining, and their total click through percentage. The PRO version of the script has three seperate spam filters, an optional smut-filter to eliminate objectionable language, an optional HTML-filter to filter out any HTML tags the visitor may try to slip into their submission, and built-in IP tracking to eliminate cheaters.

  7. EZRanker
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    A ranking script similar to those sites like amihotornot. Has all the features you would ever want in it including IP based tracking and fully automatic running.

  8. Eze Crawler Web Promotion
    Free - Platform: Unix
    EZE Crawler Features: Spiders any URL; Built in domain spider; Reads All Web document extension; Writes all web documents as a URL; Submit all URL's To the Major search engines; Creates Dynamic URL/Signpost Pages; Runs On your Web Site automatically; Emails Submission Results,

  9. FB URL Submitter
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    This is a nice script to put on your website. It's similar to the script Submit it has. But it doesn't have some of the features like to choose which search engine to put the URL in. This script is really easy to use. You don't need to know perl to setup the script. The best thing is that the form and the result page are in this one script so you don't have to make another form page to call the script. All you do is call the script and it does it all for you.

  10. Human Submitter
    $20.00 - Platform(s): unix/linux/win
    Human Submitter is a search engine submission management program that submits URLs to all major search engines including ALTAVISTA! It mimics exactly a human submission and shows you the result of the submission. It also keeps a database of all your clients and their URLs so that resubmission can be done easily and at any time. It is very quick and is a complete search engine submission management tool. Uses Perl 5, text database and the Lib-WWW Perl module

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