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Tell-A-Friend Scripts
  1. Recommend
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Recommend allows your users to recommend your site to their friends and colleagues right from your pages.

  2. Refer The World
    50.00 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT, Win2000
    This is a referral program. It allows visitors to you site to refer a friend and then when that person returns, he is taken directly to your site, and the referrer receives credit for referring the person. You can set a quota of how many people a visitor has to receive credit for before you are alerted. The visitor can also go and see who he has referred and how many people he has received credit for. There is also an administration view, which is password protected, that allows you to view how many people have referred someone, as well as how many people have met the referral quota. Refer The World is completely customizable. You can set what color fonts you would like to use, the background color, background image, who alerts are sent to, as well as the referral quota.

  3. Refer The World Version 2
    55.00 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT, Win2000
    Allows users to your site to refer a multiple people and then when the people return he is taken directly to your site, and the referrer receives credit for referring the person. Program supports different referrer levels. The user can also see who he has referred and how many people he has received credit for and what level he is at. Also has an admin view(password protected), that allows you to view all users with referrals and what level each user has reached. Also contains 3 different log files showing all referals, referrers, and returns. All settings customizable. Demo Available

  4. ReferralHub
    Free - Platform: Unix
    With this script, you will allow others to refer your site to their friends. Not a new idea, but this script will send an e-mail, with message to the friend, send a copy to you and a thank you message to the sender.

  5. ScreamRefer
    Free - Platform: Unix
    ScreamRefer allows your visitors to tell their friends about your website through an easy form. Not much more to say about this script, it's pretty simple.

  6. Send2Friend
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Send2Friend is a great program that can help your website get more hits. This script makes it easy for a visitor to your site to enter a friends email address and have a customized message telling them about your website. It's free promotion! Visitors can recomend your site to up to 2 friends at a time. You can either use your own message and subject witch can be defined with a hidden form field or you can use the built in defaults.

  7. Send2Them
    Free - Platform: Unix
    With this great script you can get people to your web site by just adding a form.

  8. Simple Suggest
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Simple Suggest is a very easy to use Tell-A-Friend script.It will send a message to the email addresses you type in. You can edit the message by going to message.txt . You can edit a little in the config.cgi file.A Demo can be found on the upper right of this page.

  9. Site Referral Pro
    $14.95 - Platform(s): linux, unix
    Site Referral Pro will help you increase your traffic and sales! It has more features than the others for less money! A ClickBank version is also available!

  10. Tell-a-Friend
    Free/$39.95 - Platform(s): Unix WinNT
    A powerful, customizable and professional Tell-a-Friend script allows visitors to recommend your web site to their friends without leaving a page they're currently surfing on. This visitor-friendly script will get a nice boost of traffic to your web site.

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