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Surveys and Polls
  1. RobPoll
    Free - Platform: Unix
    RobPoll is a full-functioned voting script. It can be embedded in an HTML page through an SSI, or run as a stand-alone application. Cookies and/or IP logging can be used to block multiple votes. Password protected admin functions are included for adding and removing questions.

  2. SimpleSurvey
    $30 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    Fantastic system allowing you to run surveys and polls on your website with ease and customizable. Admin area to delete polls and make new ones. Has multiple vote protection.

  3. Survey Creator by Echo Web
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Have you ever seen the cool surveys on peoples pages but you didn't know how to make one? Echo Web takes care of all the technical stuff for you and gives you an easy way to make a survey. You can have any number of questions and answers, choose a color scheme, check for duplicate votes, and even give an expiration date. We will even promote your poll for free. Find out what else you can do with the survey and how easy it is now!

  4. Survey V 1.1
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A script that can handle up to a unlimited number of surveys. Your Visitors can vote by either using forms or hyper-links. Also, the script will display the currently voting results after a visitor has voted. You can view voting results, modify a survey's data, delete a survey, add a new survey and get the html tags easily with the admin script.

  5. Survey Says
    $20 - $200 - Platform: Unix
    This is a script that implements an in-line poll through SSI calls. It reports the results directly after voting (both percentages and graphically) with many configurable options. It also caches IP address to prevent "spam" voting.

  6. The Scripts Home: Voting Booth
    $30 - Platform: Unix
    The Voting Booth allows your visitors to cast their vote in an unlimited number of topics and updates the info immediately, giving them percentages and number of votes cast for each choice.

  7. TriviaShock
    Commercial / Free Trial - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, Windows
    TriviaShock is an interactive Web trivia game/quiz creation system which uses PHP, MySQL, and Flash 5. Unlike other systems, trivia games are not played through HTML forms but through a fully-animated Flash 5 interface. It supports unlimited trivia games, question categories, time limits to answer questions, points system, user registration, high score lists, multiple choice and true false questions, and more. A robust Web control panel allows for configuration and customization of the software including a template system. A "skins" system allows for full customization of the Flash 5 game frontend.

  8. Vote.pl
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Vote.pl is a small but fast perlscript, that saves data of your votings and displays the results graphically. After the user has submitted the voting, vote.pl replaces the vote-form in your html-document with the results. In a separate HTML file, you can describe the style of the vote.pl-output.

  9. VotePro v3.0
    $98.00 - Platform(s): Linux, WinNT, Win2000
    ScriptDesigners VotePro is the original polling system with real-time graphing of results. Easily include a poll on any web page and allow visitors to vote in real time! Show the results of the poll in multiple graph formats. Set your poll apart from the crowd with distinctive pie charts, bar graphs, and more (3D Bar, 3D Pie, 2D Bar, 2D Pie)! Easily select colors to fit the look and feel of your website. Plus you can allow users to post their own polls, answers, and/or opinions. Even run a website which remotely hosts polls for other websites! And like all of our scripts, VotePro utilizes a professionally designed template-based user interface so you can put it to work immediately!

  10. Votesie
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A simple poll/survey creator. Lets you run multiple polls from a single central location. Cuts down on ballot box stuffing by storing IP addresses of those who've already voted.

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