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Surveys and Polls
  1. Midmart Photo Rating System
    $140 - Platform(s): Unix
    Allows you to run your own photo rating site. Using a fixed-length database, this system can handle thousands of members without any problem. Also, it can recognize the width and height of photos intelligently. Lots of features for visitors, members and administrator.

  2. MultiPoll
    $50 - Platform: Unix
    Online admin/owner area allows polls to be created, deleted and managed in every other way. When polls are created a time limit is set on the newly created poll for auto expiration. Blocking double voters is a must, and MultiPoll comes with 3 settings for blocking double voters. No Block, IP Blocking, & the best way currently to block double voting is included, Browser Cookies!

  3. NueQuiz
    FREE - Platform(s): All
    NueQuiz provides a fast and simple way to create an online trivia quiz. It allows for full addition, editing, and removal of questions with a web-based interface. It also includes three levels of difficulty settings, unlimited number questions, anti-cheating features, very easy installation and much more.

  4. On-The-Fly W3 Polling
    Free - Platform: Unix
    These Perl CGI scripts will return updated survey results on the fly. The output is generated as formatted HTML tables suitable for viewing in both text-based and graphical browsers such as LYNX and Netscape Navigator.

  5. PicPoints
    34.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    PicPoints allows you to run your own Pic rating service. Full feature program requires no instillation or CGI/Perl knowledge. Be up and running in minutes. FREE upgrades!

  6. PLG's Interactive Voting System
    The Interactive Voting System is a very easily configurable program. It's your ideal tool to use as a Voting System for subjects such as: The Best BasketBall Player, The Movie of the Year, Prettiest Gil On The Net...

  7. Poll It Pro!
    $20 - Platform: Unix
    Poll-It Pro is an extremely customizable and easy to use script that adds polls and surveys to a site. It features full administrative features that automatically total voter results, allow easy creation of new polls, archive results, and will even email results to subscribers.

  8. Poll It
    Poll-It Lite is a smaller version of the full-featured Poll-It Pro. It features the ability to add simple voting polls to your site, and provides running and grand totals for the current poll.

  9. Poll
    $80 - Platform(s): Unix, Win NT
    With this script, you will easily create as many interactive polls on your Website as you can possibly handle.

  10. Poll Now
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a polling script. With this script, you can have an unlimited number of polls. The script also logs the voter's IP in order to multiple voting.

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