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  1. SPADS - Online Store
    $149.95 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    SPAds Smart Product Ads is the first ever Online Store, that allows you to add your product text and pictures directly from your browser online, into your database. There's No need to FTP images and pages into your site, the program does it for you. SPAds is completely self contained, and emails the order right to you, and sends a confirming copy to the customer, it also emails your contact form too! Product Pictures can be in either .jpg or .gif file format. SPAds is year 2000 Compliant! If you can fill in a form you can do this!

  2. SPADS - PopOrder Form
    $39.95 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    PopOrder Form, Now an e-commerce solution for the rest of us! For those of you who only have a few items to sell on the web, and don't want the hassle of a full blown Shopping Cart for just a couple items, but you still need something! Something not to complicated that's reasonably priced, secure, and looks professional! PopOrder Form is the solution! PopOrder can handle up to 11 products, adds in the Tax, Shipping costs, etc. then emails you the order! It's all self contained and has it's own emailer or uses Unix sendmail.

  3. SPAds Smart Product Ads
    $295 - Platform: Unix
    SPAds is the first online store that allows you to add your product text and pictures directly from your browser online, into your database. If you need to FTP images and pages into your site, the program does it for you. SPAds is completely self contained, and emails the order right to you, and sends a confirming copy to the customer. It also emails your contact form too! SPAds is year 2000 Compliant!

  4. SunnyScript's SunnyShop
    Platform: Unix
    SunnyShop is a professional e-commerce software to host and maintain your own online webstore and also comes with an integrated shopping cart and product database solution. A wide range of features like various product groups, searchable database including product index, support of multiple payment and shipping methods, tax handling, currency calculator, support of SSL encryption, order confirmations and many other advantages. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software - it's very easy! In addition, the storefront is fully customizable to fit into any existing website layout.

  5. Super Cart
    $399-1,949 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    Features include: Platform Independence; Can handle even the largest stores, super fast; Setup is done by the author, no CGI knowledge required; Javascript version available, no database is required; Easily adjustable template files, you can make it look however you like; Supports English 's; Order can be emailed to the customer as well via a completely adjustable template file; Order can be emailed to you as well as others in your company.

  6. Supermall - mySQL-Based Multiple Vendor Shopping Mall System
    Platform: Unix
    Supermall is much more than a shopping cart. Supermall allows a single mall administrator to sell merchandise from multiple vendors by drop-shipment (like CD-now does). The administrator can add vendor information to the mall and add individual items provided by each vendor so when an order is placed invoices are emailed (or can be faxed through email-fax translation services) to vendors and orders are drop-shipped so you never have to actually stock any inventory. The mall client interface allows browsing by categories (yahoo-style) or multiple keyword searches. All features are accessible by the admin panel to allow easy editing and administration of the mall. Customers and the administrator can check and print out confirmation pages created when an order is approved. Supermall supports manual credit card validation and real-time validation through authorize.net. Stores customer information in mySQL which you can use for future promotional purposes. No HTML required to add new items - simply fill out forms and pages are generated for every item. Each item page can have html, pictures, etc. Item pages give you maximum search engine visibility unlike cgi-generated html pages. Many more features planned for future upgrades including statistical and profitability reports. Easily integrates into any of our affiliate software packages

  7. Supercart With Real Time Credit Card Processing
    Platform: Unix
    Powerful shopping cart script allows you to turn any form based website into an instant shopping mall! Gives you creative freedom to do your mall any way you want! Extremely simple to interface your online catalog or catalog database. Use sytanx credit card validation or REALTIME credit card validation right into your bank. Fully compatible with AGENTS OF FORTUNE affiliate software to rev up your sales by awarding commissions to referred customers. Runs on HTTP or remotely on HTTPS. Online merchant account required for real time validation. Compatible with manual processing, iBill Basic TP accounts, and Authorize.net:

  8. Supermall Shopping Cart
    Plaforms: Unix, WinNT
    This script is ideal for small shopping centers that just want to sell a few - to a few dozen products. It's a flexible shopping cart system which does not require conforming your mall to complex form syntax. Offers basic fraud scrubbing including credit card validation. Works with secure web accounts.

  9. Surf Shop Shopping Cart
    $79.95 - Platform: Unix
    Surf Shop Shopping Cart allows you to design a Web Store exactly the way you want it. Includes back-end admin program that allows you to add and modify items and track orders from your web browser. Can be database-driven or page-driven. Installs automatically on most unix websites.

  10. The CartIt Shopping Cart
    $379.95 - Platform: Unix
    The CartIt Shopping Cart is much more than just a shopping cart, offering powerful plug-ins, commerce site management tools, communications software, mailing list management, and a database engine that allows you to put thousands of products online instantly! A WindowsNT version developed in Delphi is also available.

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