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Shopping Carts
  1. RZ Store
    RZ Store is a online shopping mall system. It allows customers to browse your online store and submit orders once they are done.

  2. SalesCart X
    Platform(s): Unix
    SalesCart X (not in Beta) is the first FrontPage E-commerce solution to run with the full power of Unix on the back-end that also has a 100% customizable checkout system. The end-user still creates the e-commerce shopping cart using all of the design flexibility of the Microsoft FrontPage client running on Windows98 or Windows 2000. When the web site design is finished, publish to any ISP/WPP supporting Linux/Unix. Since virtually all Linux/Unix web hosting services also support Apache, mySQL and PHP4, finding a Unix based hosting provider is a cinch. The back-end checkout system of SalesCart X provides you with the full customizeabiliy of PHP4 to extend or change the checkout system to meet your exact needs or to maintain the look and feel of the rest of your Web site design.

  3. SCartFree - Free Secure Shopping Cart
    $10 - Platform: Unix
    SCartFree is a free shopping cart service that allows automated online store operation. The program comes with a graphical web store manager, inventory database control, SSL checkout, real-time tracking, customizable storefront, iCheck/Verza/Validcheck/PaymentNet real-time credit card and check processing integration, tax and currency converter, and automatic shipping calculation automatic invoice and order e-mail.

  4. ShoppingCart2000
    $349 - Platform: Unix
    ShoppingCart2000 is a professional e-commerce software for building your catalogue and shopping cart system online. Main features include HTML and email templates and html pages, different pages can be used to display search results, Supports payment options, Country based shipping, Easy to customize order form, Credit Cards first control Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Built-in search engine, Database Manager to add, edit, delete, backup, etc., Can be easily configured to work with your ascii database, supports static html pages, mandatory field checking, and more

  5. Simple Cart
    $149-1199 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    A shopping cart system that requires no CGI knowledge on the user's part - the setup is handled by the authors.

  6. Simple Cookie Cart
    $75 - Platform: Unix
    Simple Cookie Cart is a Perl 5 script that functions as a shopping cart CGI for your web site allowing you to take credit card, online check, mail-in and/or COD payments with or without SSL and includes many standard features.

  7. Simple Virtual Store
    $10 - Platform: Unix
    The site owner creates the html page with the order form, which is linked with the cgi script. The script is hosted on the secure Web-server with SSL protocol. When some order is made, the script sends the order confirmation to the site owner and writes the order into the database. The site owner can view or delete the order entries using the SSL secure protocol and the password protection. Very easy to install and configure.

  8. SimpleShop
    $25.25 - Platform: Unix
    SimpleShop is an easy to use, secure ordering system. Set up once and forget about it! You can use it with an unlimited amount of products and send orders for different product to different people. SimpleShop does not have the features of a typical shopping cart system. It does not keep inventory or handle sophisticated prices. It is merely a secure "order processing" script that lets you easily sell products on your website. It is relatively easy to set up and needs no administration.

  9. smc Webstore
    $699.95 - Platforms: Unix, WInNT
    Designed with the web developer in mind, smc WebStore provides an advanced, highly customizable shopping cart solution that is packed with features yet easy to use for shoppers and merchants alike. Integrate custom HTML for unlimited design capabilities for your shopping cart layout, storefront, item pages, category listings, search screens and more ! No Templates Needed ! Standard features include: integrated search engine, customizable item pages, user-definable tax, shipping and payment options, cookie management, inventory database importing, customized email templates, transaction history, item options, off-store "Instant Add-To-Cart" and "Instant Item Info" linking capabilities and more. Nearly a dozen a-la-carte add-ons including customer order tracking, fax notification, EDI processing, mailing list management, coupon management and much, much more. Online demos available. See portfolio for examples of design capabilities.

  10. SPADS - Apple Cart
    $99.95 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    SPAds Apple Cart Was designed so that you can build your own HTML Product pages or use our Templates as a guide, to add your products text and pictures, add a form button and Apple Cart will Do the rest! SPAds Apple Cart is completely self contained, and emails the order to you, and sends a confirming copy to the customer, it also emails your contact form too! Apple Cart uses Unix Sendmail or Sockets (Windows NT) to send your email. Shipping can be set to work with percentage of sale or price range of Sale! As well as a Minimum Shipping amount! We also have a version that includes shipping as taxable! Apple Cart is year 2000 Compliant!

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