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Shopping Carts
  1. HiShop
    $229 up to $1298 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    HiShop is the ultimate in online product display solutions, combined with a complete shopping basket / cart utility. This allows the website owner to easily manage their online shop, and for customers to browse & select products, for online purchase. Online shop owners can easily update their stock, add new stock categories, set prices, add photos all online via secure, intuitive web interfaces. Online shop users can browse products for sale, plus add, remove and adjust items in their basket / cart. Demo is available on our website.

  2. I-Shop PRO
    59.95 - Platform(s): UNIX / NT
    Version 3.0 I-Shop Pro is an enhanced version of the free I-Shop online store CGI script. Like I-Shop it is an easy to install and easy to maintain CGI script to enable you to run your own store on your site. The only requirement is the ability to run CGI scripts and edit HTML.I-Shop PRO offers browser based management, customer tracking, emailing,order tracking, muti-tax capabilities,Affiliates program and much more... 2 Versions available-Standard I-Shop PRO & Canadian “Multi-Tax” Versions

  3. I-Shop.cgi
    Free - Platform(s): UNIX
    A free and easy to install shopping cart script. i-shop.cgi is a modification of Web Store.cgi and Commerce.cgi Version 1.01. It's a fully functional and efficient shopping cart system that's easy to install and modify to blend with your site. Telnet is not required for installation.

  4. Imagine-aCart
    $99.00 - Platform: Unix
    Imagine-a-Cart shopping cart software is a powerful new shopping cart system written in PERL 5.0 script language. Key features include: Automatic writing of new items into the catalog; Marks items as sold once purchased; currency conversions; Calculates sales tax and UPS shipping costs; SSL (Secure Socket Layers) for your order processing.

  5. Internet AutoCart
    The Internet AutoCart System is run from just 5 CGI files, and can be customized to suit the user's requirements.

  6. Kiosk Shopping Cart System
    $149.00 - Platform: Unix
    Kiosk is a turnkey shopping cart system that enables you to create and easily maintain a database of your products to display to your visitors. You enter product information, including photographs, and the system takes care of all of the ordering details. Kiosk also accepts and prints online checks and supports Authorize.net.

  7. LeCart
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Lecart is a cgi shopping cart application written in the perl 5 scripting language. It can handle thousands of products through the use of an indexed database, has a search function, order tracking function. Safely sends orders through email channels with the use of PGP encryption.

  8. Lisol Shopper
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Intended as a 'gentle notch' towards e-business, this script enables you to create and manage an internet shop. CGI access or programming is not required.

  9. Merchant OrderForm - Cart
    $29.95 - 150.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    Affordable and powerful solutions for getting products online. A flexible shopping cart-order form, not a database system. Merchant OrderForm will allow you to collect all the products from around your site (usually already displayed on pages) and consolidate them into a cart system by using standard html input form tags. Mof accepts a wide variety of product input: price adjusting fields, images, unlimited product option input. See our examples for all the possibliities. Merchant OrderForm appeals to cgi programmers looking for base solutions for building e-Commerce web sites, it appeals to web developers familiar with cgi installation, it appeals to those unfamiliar with installing CGI scripts who want to learn by following our thorough documentation. Our customers range from tech experts to site owners who purchase our installed-customized services.

  10. merchantCGI.com Shopping Cart System
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, Linux
    Only web based ecommerce system that is completely administered through your web browser AND includes an integrated Payment Processing Gateway at no extra charge.

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