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  1. eCommerceCart
    $299.99 - Platform: Unix
    eCommerceCart makes doing business on the Internet easy! You can now create an on-line catalog of your products, including photos, and make it easy for your customers to find and purchase your products. AuthorizeNet and CyberCash enabled. No programming experience needed.

  2. Enhanced Commerce.cgi
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This Enhanced Version of Commerce.cgi is based on Richie Carey's compilation. It has included as features, Real-Time Transaction Integration for iTransact. This makes it kind of limited in use, if you do want to use real-time it's the package for you! If not go with Commerce.cgi... It taken into account a few things such as permissions for FTP Installations, moveable images directory and more options in the Program Settings Screen. This is referal-ware, if you open an account with iTransact I ask that you use my name as a reference when you open your account. It doesn't cost you anything but dropping a name!

  3. eShopper.pl
    $35.00 - Platform: Unix
    eShopper is an easy to use, easy to install store front manager which integrates with Mal's Free eCommerce shopping cart system. Effortlessly create categories and add, edit or delete products. Fully control the colors and fonts. Users can search by product name or keywords from the description.

  4. eShowcase
    $425-$825 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    eShowcase is a complete ecommerce empire builder. It is a tool to build a complete estore, or a complete eshopping village. Fully menu driven, allows you to create an estore in less than two minutes. Currently in use in over 2000 estores.

  5. eStoreSetup
    $295 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95/98, Mac
    eStoreSetup is a revolutionary ecommerce solution that allows you to quickly and easily create your own online store. With eStoreSetup, you can add, edit, and delete products, categories, and options through your web browser with no knowledge of HTML or CGI required. eStoreSetup automatically calculates tax on customer orders and offers 6 different shipping options. All of your customer information, credit card information, and orders are saved online so that your customers can come back later to view their account information and order history. eStoreSetup comes with a secure order form and also incorporates SSL security.

  6. EZ shopper
    $270 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Key features include among others: product databases, drill-down browsing menu, product search, quantity discounts, shipping calculations can be based on weight, define different tax rates, customize e-mail message.

  7. ezWebStore
    Free - Platform: Unix
    An ezWebStore is a free, very easy-to-install shopping cart system that is completely integrated with our credit card gateway so that merchants can accept payments online, real-time and easily.

  8. GeniusCart Free
    Free - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    Designed for getting your eCommerce site off the ground and into the search engines quickly, GeniusCart Storefront Management System provides an extremely cost effective and convenient way to manage your online storefront. GeniusCart makes getting started with a web store easy with a feature rich control panel, built-in help, template based product pages, automated meta tag generation, HTML-free site construction, downloadable email database, printable invoices, browser based jpeg uploading, automatic image detection and insertion, and much more.

  9. GeniusCart Pro
    $699.99 - Platform: Unix
    If you're an eMerchant and tired of paying seemingly endless bills for the upkeep of your online storefront, Or if you're a web designer having trouble keeping up with your workload due to frequent client requests for site maintainence, GeniusCart Pro is the answer. GeniusCart Pro is designed to score great search engine rankings for your products, while remaining powerful and easy enough for a total computer novice to use. GeniusCart was developed by the experienced eCommerce solutions company GeniusWeb.com to solve the problem of hard-to-maintain shopping cart systems for clients. Our exclusive control panel interface allows you (or your client) to easily categorize, add and remove products to their eCommerce site. Product pages are based on templates, and you are always free to innovate and design your own product pages which integrate seamlessly into the rest of the site. GeniusCart Pro is your best option for a low-maintenance ecommerce site. GeniusCart Pro will save you both effort and money.

  10. Hassan Consulting's Shopping Cart
    $200-1,200 - Platforms: UNIX, WinNT, Win95
    The Shopping Cart allows your website to track visitors as they pass from page to page, keeping track of items clicked on and information sent by the user. When the user exits, totals can be calculated and orders/data can be sent. This can be used in a "shopping mall" or online catalog situation, but can also be adapted for a variety of dynamic applications where a user ID or session needs to be tracked.

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