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Shopping Carts
  1. closedShop - Open Source Shopping
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    closedShop is a solution for a free shopping cart that is easy to install, maintain and customize. It uses Perl and mySQL to provide a full featured online e-commerce solution that is free.

  2. Commerce.cgi
    Free - Platform: Unix
    If the high costs and complexity of commercial software has stopped you from putting your store online, here's your solution. Commerce.cgi can have your store's catalog up and running on the web in literally a couple of hours. The easy to use Store Manager will even allow you to add and remove products from your inventory right through your web browser.

  3. Commerce Pro
    $135/$335 - Platform: Unix
    Commerce Pro 1.1 has been developed with a smooth, easy to understand interface for the end user, your clients, while balancing state of the art merchant utilities for you. Package is available in Pro Pak and SiPak - The Pro Pak is a full service package complete with a years support and software instillation. The SiPak is the Self Install Pak, which allows the users the pleasure of installing the software themselves and save a few bucks.

  4. CommerceSQL - Free MySQL Shopping Cart
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    If you are looking for a shopping cart that will handle more then a handful of products then check out our FREE MySQL shopping cart.

  5. Commission Cart
    $249 - Platform: Unix
    Claimed as "The only Internet Shopping Cart designed to allow others to earn commissions for promoting your products and services!" Commission Cart is the next generation of Internet E-Commerce, boasting not only a full-featured Shopping Cart but one of the most powerful Affiliate programs available. Commission Cart will allow others to sign up to promote and sell your goods and/or services. These "affiliates" earn commission each time someone referred by their advertisements purchases something from your Commission Cart.

  6. Customize Your PC
    $599 Platform: Unix
    Customize your PC is a web application that allows computer sellers that own a web site to maintain a component database and develop 'customize your system' web applications very easily. It supports online orders through a secure server.

  7. CyberCart Pro
    $345 - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    CyberCart is a form-based, extremely flexible, multi-merchant, shopping cart script featuring: Multiple user capability; Built in search engine; Multiple items from a page can be ordered at the same time; Items may have multiple properties; Sales tax can be set for country/state sales tax rate; Multiple shipping options; and many more.

  8. Dansie Shopping Cart
    $50 / $100 - Platform: Unix
    Any expert of HTML and FTP can easily set up a Dansie Shopping Cart on their website without any knowledge of Perl. There are NO variables needed to be set in the shopping cart script. All variables are located in a separate, easy to edit data file. It also keeps track of the products and prices and automatically calculates shipping, tax and the total for your customer's convenience. Visit the site to see more features.

  9. DDD Catalog
    $299 - Platform(s): Unix
    Direct Digital Delivery (DDD) - Sell and deliver your digital work online. Features: Web based administration; Add/Manage/Modify products online; Generate auto sell links to ClickBank account; ClickBank gateaway; After transaction, immediately delivers your software (Digital Good's) to customers e-mail; Upload and manage any kind of files; Works 100% with ClickBank accounts; And more...

  10. e-Accountant Pro
    $249.00 - Platform: Unix
    Kiosk is a turnkey shopping cart system that enables you to create and easily maintain a database of your products to display to your visitors. e-Accountant is a complete web based accounting system. e-Accountant Pro is the integration of the two systems into software that will manage your financial data and your sales operations.

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