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  1. AcceleCart
    $149.99 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, Windows
    A complete site management system for informational and dynamic e-commerce sites. Accelecart offers over 170 function managers to allow you to sell products and services online, accept credit card orders, create mail lists, create and manage dynamic HTML pages, upload files, create and manage mail lists, integrate with United Parcel Service real time shipping and more. Offers a slick administration system. Software installs easily and works on *NIX and Win NT platforms. Online manual included.

  2. Agora.cgi Free Shopping Cart
    Free - Platform(s): FreeBSD, Linux, Unix
    Agora.cgi is a full featured free shopping cart system. Features include: SSL or http support, online image uploading, multiple sales taxes, online order logs, customer and admin order confirmations, FedEx, UPS and USPS real-time shipping, unlimited custom shipping, handling fees, product options, flexible order forms, simultaneous cookie/IP tracking (no cookies required), flatfile database with comma (.csv) and pipe or tab delimited spreadsheet import functions, .csv or pipe export functions, discount and coupon logic, static or dynamic product pages, user fields for use in custom libraries for affiliate programs net profit tracking and more, flexible headers and footers, cool hacks, and several real-time and manual payment options such as: iTransact, Authorize.net, CardService LinkPoint, Intellipay, AgoraPay, EFT/ACH Checks, Offline/Manual Credit cards for services such as ProPay and manual interfaces, PayPal (requires pro membership). Agora also comes with a powerful online store manager to add or delete products from the store as well as to edit product descriptions, prices, upload product images, and change store settings. mySQL and FlexDBM versions coming soon as well as customer recognition. Experienced webmasters will like it's modular design and code hooks for easy customization.

  3. ALKStore Shopping Cart System
    199 - Platform(s): Unix/NT
    ALKStore is a complete and powerful software package to open shop on the web. Get ALKStore today and be selling your products online tomorrow!

  4. AP Mall
    $899 - Platform(s): Linux, Unix
    AP Mall is a comprehensive shopping mall system designed as a city area e-commerce solution using PHP & MySQL. It is an all-in-one solution for home users, store users, carrier users and mall administrator. It is very flexible and easily customized. It is a consumer-driving solution with a unique bargain system. It also contains a classified ads system to server the local community.

  5. CADi-Cart Shopping Cart
    $99.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Mac
    This is a simple shopping cart system. Fully customisable. It generates html code on the fly. Works with a simple ASCII database (may be exported from numerous database programs). Can be changed because uses html page models to create code. Works with SSL or non-SSL servers. Generates email invoices.

  6. Cart
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Shopping cart that allows users to add, delete or check items in their cart, using only html coding to provide entry.

  7. CartMan
    $10 - Platform(s): Win, Linux, Mac
    CartMan is a simple shopping system for small web-merchants. Set-up of CartMan is fast and easy, and does not require databases. You can use your own header and footer, change colors and choose between several languages. Adding your own language is easy if it is not already supported.

  8. Cat Cart
    $145.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Mac
    CatCart makes doing business on the Internet easy. You can now create an on-line catalog of your products, including photos, and make it easy for your customers to find and purchase your products. You can also print customer checks right from your web browser, and process credit card transactions in a single batch using your existing credit card processing software.

  9. CheckOut! Pro
    Features include 3 shopping interfaces - Java, Enhanced CGI, and Simple Browser modes, vendor defined foreign language support, including international currencies, definable multi-option buttons, and shopper selectable on the fly shipping choices, instant shipping calculation, instant tax calculation, immediate quantity changes, and much more

  10. ClickCartPro
    99.99 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    A complete e-commerce and web site management solution. Manage a store with products or services for sale. Features include categories, sub-categories, specials, UPS integrated or custom shipping flexibility, admin statistics, order tracking, discounts, a mail list program, general site/program settings, dynamic form generation, file upload utilities, a banner ad rotation program, multiple product options and relationships, more. Over 160 function managers. Integrates with over 10 merchant processors including Authorize.net, CardService, PayPal, Verisign and others. Includes an easy to use web-based browser administration system.

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