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Search Engine Scripts
  1. Simple Search Plus
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Accoring to the author: "Simple Search is one of Matt's Scripts found on Matt's Script Archive. However, a lot of people seem to have a problem with setting it up correctly. I have made some modifications to it, to help you out a little these modifications should help you debug the script so that you can get it to work properly. Also included is a HIT COUNTER and a NO RESULTS FOUND page."

  2. Simple Site Search Script
    $20 - Platform: Unix
    The site search script allows visitors to search for pages on your site. It's a simple search which looks for all instances of the keyword(s) entered.

  3. Simple Site Searcher
    $99/$499 - Platform: Unix
    Need a search engine for your site? This program allows you to setup a search engine for any urls on your site.

  4. site Search
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Features of site Search include: Can perform Searches of three types, "As a Phrase", "Any Search Term", and "All Search Terms". Can display "n" hits per page, where "n" is any set of numbers configured by the web-administrator on the search form. Can be configured to include a separate form at the end of each search output which searches only the successful hits to narrow down the possibility. Fast & extremely customizable.

  5. SiteSearch v2.0
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    SiteSearch v2.0 is a search engine for your Web site. It is a CGI script so can be integrated into your Web site using your favourite HTML editor. SiteSearch v2.0 is compatible with both UNIX and Windows NT/IIS Web Servers.

  6. Smarter Scripts' Smart Search
    $69 - $89 - Platform: Unix
    Smart Search is a unique search engine script like none other available for sale on the Internet. It's called a pay-per-click search engine; advertisers bid on specific keywords to get their websites listed on your site. This is the search engine style that was made popular by Goto/Overture, it has been adopted by Internet giants Yahoo and AOL, and is now used by thousands of other search sites, from small to big. This style became so popular because advertisers can bid as low as $0.01 per click, and work their way up by bidding higher.

  7. Soujourn
    Platform: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    Sojourn is a directory/database search engine that allows the organisation of website data in proper categories like Yahoo!. Has full admin functions to add/edit/delete listings and categories, is accompanied by a full-featured search engine, and a banner rotation program.

  8. SPAds Searchwire
    $19.95 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    SPAds Searchwire (Search 44 Search Engines) from one page, Having the Top 44 search engine's at your finger tips really comes in handy, and makes a perfect addition to any Site or Home page. Search the web for News, Stock Quotes, Companies, Software, drivers, and more! Makes vistors want to bookmark your page, and come back for more!

  9. StepWeb's FolDir
    FolDir search, is a search engine, different from SWS, that doesn't look up a keyword in only one file, but in every file of a specific directory. It is practical for local website searches, performed by visitors to your website. It has a very professional design as well.

  10. SubMan
    $19.99 - Platform(s): Unix
    SubMan allows you to instantly create and delete virtual subdomains off of your domain, it offers both multiple domain support and path forwarding.

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