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Search Engine Scripts
  1. RuterSearch
    $25 - Platform(s): Windows, Linux/Unix, etc
    Advanced search engine that sorts results by importance and has a large number of syntax features. Total customization of RuterSearch can be achieved by html page substitutions and most configuration can be changed easily with the web-based administration program. MySQL and Text Delimited Databases are both supported as well as many other features.

  2. Search from CGI biz
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/NT
    Search is a powerful meta search engine script that enables users to search the Web at your web site. Includes administration tool and detailed usage statistics reports.

  3. Search Engine
    $60 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Search html pages in your local directory tree and return the list of links to the pages where search phrase is found.

  4. Search Engine Cloaker
    $100 - Platform(s): UNIX, Mac, PC
    Get thousands of listings in search engines by delivering an infinite number of keyword-generated Web pages JUST for search engine spiders!

  5. SearchCSV
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95/98
    SearchCSV is a FREE Perl/CGI script that can be used to perform advanced search on data placed in a CSV (Character Separated Interface) file into HTML documents. Just like the rest of Mutasem's CSV Scripts, Search CSV allows %100 customization of HTML. It can be installed on a UNIX, Windows NT, or a Windows 95/98 web-server with minimal effort. Three choices of search methods, ability to search all database, as well as individual fields, and built-in functions are just few of the features that make SearchCSV the right choice when it comes to searching databases.

  6. SearchHalo Pay Per Click
    $45 - Platform(s): UNIX (or compatible)
    SearchHalo Pay-Per-Click is a script you can use to allow users to drive targeted traffic to their site. A system made popular by Goto.com/Overture.com. The basic principle is that webmasters add their site, and then bid for keywords that relate to their site. When a search is performed using one or more of these keywords, the webmasters' site will appear in the search, ranked depending on how much they bid for certain search keywords. When someone clicks through to a site, you (as the search site webmaster) earn the clickthrough value.

  7. Server-side search engine software
    49 - Platform(s): Win98/ME/2000/XP
    URL Indexer is server-side software that allows you to add a public or private search engine to your Web site where visitors can submit their own Web pages for indexing. Submitted Web pages are indexed and searchable immediately -- there's no wait! URL Indexer contains everything you need -- no additional software necessary.

  8. SEWatch
    $25 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    A small utility script to watch Search Engine activity on your site.

  9. Sharewire SiteSearch
    Free - Platform: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
    Very easy to install search program - no interpreter required, no configuration files to modify. Users can search for ALL or ANY keywords entered. Optionally indexes any URL that the webmaster chooses. Webmaster can set search for any documents on the web server, not just those already featured in their own web pages. Webmaster can view summary statistics on keywords entered.

  10. SillySearch
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A simple program to let users search through files on your website for pages containing all the words they enter, or any of the words they enter with results ranked by percentage of words found.

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