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Search Engine Scripts
  1. Macurious Spider Search Engine
    $199.00 - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    This search engine searches web pages on a single site, or anywhere on the Internet. It comes with administration tools, which is protected with password. This search engine can do multiple indexing, single indexing, automatic and semi-auto indexing. It also supports muliple language including 2 bytes characters such as Chinese and Japanese words. You can customize your own layout and designs of the search page. It uses template HTML file, you just edit them like normal HTML. Multiple template pages are supported as well. Macurious Spider also includes useful features such as, hits counter for every search, adult's contents filter, banner rotation, links promotion, keywords highlighther, random text, dynamic contents, easy-drop-down menu and more. All these features use a set of exclusive HTML tags, which is easy to insert into your template files.

  2. Master Index
    $200 - Platform: Unix
    Master Index is a search engine which allowes you to run an on-line search directory such as Yahoo.

  3. Matt Wright's Simple Search
    Free - Platform: Unix
    According to Matt: "Simple Search allows you to integrate a keyword and boolean search program into your site so that users can search specified text and HTML documents. It then returns a list of filenames (displayed based on their title tag found in the HTML page) which matched the specified keyword(s)."

  4. Meta Search Engine
    Free/Fee-based - Platforms: All
    FAST, commercial strength Meta Search Engine. Available for low, medium and High traffic sites. More than 4000 search configuration options to choose from. Unlimited design options. Offers Standard Search, Advanced Search and Semi-Natural Language Query. Can search the entire Web or a continent or an individual Country. Special outsourcing solutions for Busy, Demanding Webmasters. Our innovative 'Virtual Search Technology' allows anyone to run a FULL Search Engine without any programming.

  5. MetaSearch by Dynamic-Scripts
    $50 - Platform: Unix
    With the Meta Search Engine you will be able to have your very own search engine that gathers search results from top engines like Aol Netfind, Excite, Infoseek, Looksmart and Yahoo.

  6. MetaSearch Lite by Dynamic-Scripts
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Provide your visitors with a Meta Search Engine that retrieves its results from Aol Netfind, displays 10 results per page and requires little setup.

  7. MnoGoSearch - Search engine for sites and portals
    Free - Platforms: Unix, Windows
    This is Open Source search software for and internet and intranet servers. As any respected search engine MnogoSearch can
    • Search through HTTP, FTP, NNTP or local files,
    • Properly handle HTTP proxy and password protected areas,
    • Understand HTML, plain text, and use external parsers for DOC, PDF, ets.,
    • Support different weights for body, title, keywords and description,
    • Take into account different character sets, and stopwords,
    • Keep data in any well known database,
    • Accept queries with different word forms and boolean query language,
    • Show results with variose HTML templates.

    The software is scalable so it can be used from middle site servers too large portals.

  8. MultiDom
    Free up to $419 - Platform(s): Unix/NT
    MultiDom is a very fast, highly configurable domain search engine. It supports multiple name queries simultaneously, and with 200+ domain types supported it is much more likely that the user will find 'must have' names. Enter domain names with or without domain prefix or suffix, tailor it's appearance, and configure a vast array of settings via a back-end administrator panel - including one click activation of inbuilt 'shopping cart' capability. Too many features to list them all here!

  9. NetSearcher
    Free - Platform(s): All
    This is a free script written in Perl, which allow you to search the Google and customize search results via html templates. Get the results from the biggest search engine !!!

  10. NetSearcher
    Free - Platform(s): All
    This is a free script written in Perl, which allow you to search the Google and customize search results via html templates. Get the results from the biggest search engine !!!

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