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Search Engine Scripts
  1. FreeFind
    Free - Remotely Hosted
    Add a search engine to your web site today, for free, in less than 10 minutes! Customize the search screens with your own background and logo, integrating the search process seamlessly with your site. FreeFind is remotely hosted so you don't have to set up and manager your own search CGI.

  2. GNUSearch
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Looking for a free search engine for your site? Here you got GNUSearch, a GNU Search Engine. It supports multiple keywords, email alerts, duplicate url detection, invalid data detection and a lot more. It's very easy to install!

  3. Go2! Search
    $39.99 - Platform(s): Unix
    Run your own spidering search engine with Go2! Search. Features boolean searches, user ratings, family-safe filters, definable categories and subcategories, links to Amazon and CDNow searches on search results, and more. Free upgrades.

  4. HPFind
    Free - Platform: Unix
    HPFind.pl searches users' directories for certain files and outputs it to a .html file. It is easily configured to suit the user. Supplied version is set up for searching for public_html/index.htm and public_html/index.html. HPFind allows you to specify users to leave off the list.(For omitting offensive sites or business pages from the Personal Homepage list). You can even specify it to skip users with particular SHELL types and/or HOME directories. This new version is more customisable in regards to script location and font colours & faces.

  5. ICE
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, MacOS
    ICE (current Version 1.4b2, May 1997) is an easy to install software package for indexing World Wide Web archives. By installing it as a CGI gateway under your Web server, users can perform searches on the Web servers document space.

  6. Index Finger Pro
    $ 100 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Yahoo made $53 Million last quater with an average of 144 million page views per day in September. Isn't it time your visitors used your site to find what they are looking for?

  7. iServer - Search Engine
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A convenient method to allow clients to retrieve information from a web site is by building an index of the web pages and providing search capability.

  8. Itsy Bitsy Crawler
    $799 - Platform: Unix
    Itsy Bitsy Crawler is a spider/search engine which allows sites to have their own search engine. The search engine can be used to index their own web pages, content specific web pages or general web pages. Itsy Bitsy gets URLs from a CGI submission or a list. It visits the URLs and indexes them based on word popularity removing all the common words first. After Itsy Bitsy indexes its first site, web visitors can search for sites based on keywords.

  9. Jason's Perl Archive: jasearch.pl
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Jasearch.pl is a simple search routine that allows you to search web pages.

  10. LinkTower Search Engine
    $80 - Platform: Unix
    Easy to install search engine with many useful features. Installation assistance is provided by the developer.

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