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Search Engine Scripts
  1. Done-Right: MetaSearch
    $49.99 - Platform: Unix
    MetaSeach will allow you to have your very own search engine that gathers results from the top 8 engines. With its lightning speed, MetaSearch is equipped with advanced searching features and is fully customizable to suit your design.

  2. Done-Right: MetaSearch Lite
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Give your visitors access to search the web. MetaSearch Lite gathers results from HotBot and displays them nicely on your website. This script is very easy to setup and customize.

  3. EasySearch
    Free - Platform: Unix
    EasySearch is a complete solution search engine that allows you to manage your own WWW search engine easily! It features a complete full-function search engine with customizable index page and search options include words and phrases, as well as a smut censor toggle. Other features include optional file-locking for a more secure database, allows visitors to add their URL and automatically produces the correct form, three separate spam filters to prevent search engine spammers, smut filter to censor adult material, customizable heading and footer for every page, customizable automated response, built-in New URLs page and Random URL page and easy installation.

  4. eSearch by MTN Media
    $59.95 - Platform: Unix
    eSearch adds keyword and categorical web searching capabilities to any website. Fast, powerful and flexible, eSearch pulls data from the Open Directory Project.

  5. Family Friendly Search
    $75 - Platform: Unix
    You can now run your very own search engine! This easy to setup script puts you in business. The unique search engine script allows you to filter for words commonly used in sites that you would not like to appear in your search results. This allows you to advertise your search engine as "Family Friendly"... NO ADULT SITES!

  6. FlatText
    Free - Platform: Unix
    FLATTEXT explores a sample of your exported database and generates a custom PERL script that allows searches of your flat text database through the web. This script is extremely simple and is fully annotated line-by-line in the accompanying readme.htm file. This script only allows searches of data in a database, you cannot add, modify, or delete records from the web.

  7. Fluid Dynamics: Intermediate Search
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Intermediate Search is an internal search engine for your website, very similar to Matt Wright's Simple Search. This script expands on the simple one by taking into account new Meta tags, such as keywords and description.

  8. FM SiteSearch
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/Windows
    FM SiteSearch is a quick and simple solution to adding full search capability to a website. It searches web pages for keywords, and returns the most relevant HTML pages. It is template driven so that you can give it the exact look and feel of your web site. You can also configure the number of matches displayed on results pages.

  9. FM SiteSearch Pro
    $44/Shareware - Platform(s): Unix/Linux
    FM SiteSearch Pro is a quick and simple solution to adding professional search capability to a web site. Comes with a relevance engine, control panel, large web site support, mysql support (optional), search/keyword statistics, advanced searches, specialized searches, fully customizable and many more. Also comes with setup interface. See our online demo.

  10. Free Web Search Engine
    Free - Platform: Unix
    UdmSearch - Full Featured Free Web Search Engine over the Internet and Intranet Web Sites Based on MySQL Database

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