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  1. Anaconda! Search - BarnesandNoble.com edition
    $39.95 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Anaconda! Search - BarnesandNoble.com edition is a perl CGI script that dynamically searches the BarnesandNoble.com book database for keywords, and inserts the resulting book list into your sites pages on-the-fly. Your BNN affiliate code is used for both the search and successive individual book links.

  2. Anaconda! Foundation Series
    $149 - Platform: Unix
    The Anaconda Foundation Series of products offer metasearching of Software, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Video Games, Books, Music, Videos, Toys, Web Sites, MP3s, Usenet Forums, Auctions, and Jobs. Super fast, super reliable, and easy-to-install, the new Foundation Series line of products from Anaconda Partners will amaze you. Sold individually and as discounted bundles...prices start at $149.

  3. Anaconda! Open Directory
    $199 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Anaconda! Open Directory is a perl CGI script that dynamically creates a site directory on your website using the Open Directory Project data. The Open Directory Project is a comprehensive directory of quality websites that is maintained by thousands of volunteers from all over the world. Its a fantastic resource containing hundreds of thousands of site descriptions all neatly placed within thousands of categories and subcategories. The directory is fully searchable.

    Free/$10 - Platform(s): Unix
    APB Search is a script that first creates index file and then allows users to search for keywords. Main features: setup wizzard, no editing, custom search results page, support for meta tags, boolean search.

  5. AroogaSearch (online)
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Build a script online, that allows you to create and update a site-search for your website. The generated script allows you to include/exclude files, filetypes and directories. It's free and for the cgi-shy.

  6. ASPSeek
    free (GNU GPL) - Platform(s): Linux/UNIX
    ASPSeek is a search engine software developed by SWsoft and licensed under GNU GPL. ASPSeek is optimized for multiple sites and medium loads, and can be used to search within several million pages (URLs). User can search for words and phrases, use wildcards, and do a Boolean search. Search results can be limited to time period given, site or Web space (set of sites) and sorted by relevance or by date. ASPSeek is written in C++, using STL library and SQL server. It consists of indexing robot, search daemon and search frontend (CGI program). Indexing robot (index) walks across the sites and stores found pages in a special data structures. Search daemon (searchd) listen to and performs search queries, issued by search frontend s.cgi. Frontend then formats the results into nice-looking HTML page.

  7. Brock Search
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a script that will recursively search a web site (or any other directory, for that matter) for given strings, returning the HTML titles of the pages, if available, or names of the files otherwise, along with hyperlinks. Features include the ability to exclude sub-directories and the ability to use Perl regular expressions in the search.

  8. CADI-Search
    $99 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Mac
    A nice little script to create a real www search engine on your own. Simple but efficient, the CADIsearch pro will let you have webmaster tools to accept or refuse submitings. A free test version (lite) is available.

  9. Chatologica Global Search
    $50 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    This is a perl5 cgi script that will allow you to start your own meta-search engine like WWW.METACRAWLER.COM or WWW.DOGPILE.COM

  10. Chatologica MetaSearch cgi script
    $165.00 - Platform: Unix
    This is a perl cgi script through which you can start a metasearch service similar to savvysearch.com. It can query multiple search engines and get results sorted and grouped by site. Supports boolean queries, natural language queries, log files, Admin Panel, cache option, any html templates for the result's page, options to control the content, language, timeout threshold and ability to switch On the family filter. You can include any search site(even your local) in your metacrawler with the help of chatologica MetaSearch utilities - a free web based application to generate add-on modules.

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