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  1. Smart Archive
    $39 - $59 - Platform: Unix
    Smart Archive will run a high quality file archive on your site. You can add files yourself or allow others to add files (and they will be given credit). You might have seen some sites with this type of archive before, now you can have one yourself! Smart Archive does more than any of these other archives: People can add files by giving the file URL or by uploading it to the site, thumbnails can also be linked or uploaded (useful for picture archives!), plenty of info can be displayed on the archive (file size, when it was added, who added it, etc.), and people can sort the files in many different ways. You can even let people add files to a "download list" so that they can download all the files at once, later, when they are ready (useful for people with slow internet connections). The most unique feature is that you can run your archive like an FTP server, requiring people to add files to it before they can download any!

  2. Smart Search
    $69 - $89 - Platform: Unix
    Smart Search is a unique search engine script like none other available for sale on the Internet. It's called a pay-per-click search engine; advertisers bid on specific keywords to get their websites listed on your site. This is the search engine style that was made popular by Goto/Overture, it has been adopted by Internet giants Yahoo and AOL, and is now used by thousands of other search sites, from small to big. This style became so popular because advertisers can bid as low as $0.01 per click, and work their way up by bidding higher.

  3. @Search powered by uPerl.net
    $39.99 - Platform: Unix
    Just 01 script does everything. Search up to 99 popular search engines. You can find anything with @Search. Display random Ad banner when user hit search button. Save all keywords to database and keep it. Count how many times people use @Search. Can Search MP3 Music, Search Free Download Software and Search for Crack. User can find anything but still stay in your site.

  4. 1-Search: advanced site search
    $9.99 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT, Win2000, Win95-98
    Advanced site search script written with search engines in mind - the search result pages contain all the proper meta tags and other attributes needed for successful search engine positioning. Use your search results pages as dynamically created doorway pages! The script logs all the searches, found and not found, so you always know what are your visitors top items of interest. 1-Search comes with advanced administration utility called 1-Control. This admin tool allows you to view your statistics and set up more than 20 parameters such as search results page and submission form appearance, search directories, HTML template file used and many others.

  5. Absolute Metasearch
    $199 - Platform: Unix
    Absolute Metasearch is a metasearch engine similar to metacrawler or dogpile. Search results are collected from multiple search engines such as Altavista, webcrawler, Yahoo, and others; organized and sorted together and displayed on the screen. Unlike other similar products, Absolute Metasearch is very fast. The search takes less than a half a second total. All search engines are sarched and the results are parsed in a parallel way to save time and resources. And as in the case of our products, everything is fully customizable.

  6. Absolute ODP
    $299 - Platform: Unix
    Absolute ODP, similar to ODP++, is based on the data from Open Directory Project (dmoz.org) and other sources, such as news headlines from moreover.com, and affiliate program from amazon.com. It is a rewrite of ODP++ for fine tuning of efficiency. ODP++ is one of the best tools on the market, so Absolute ODP is alone in competition. Packed with features of personalization, intelligent caching, context-based dynamic content, interoperability with vitually all existing scripts on the market, and all kinds of content filters; Absolute ODP will convert your small size website into a professional one. And the good part is that you donít need to maintain your site ones you designed the html of it. The huge content for your visitors is generated automatically. One of our inventions in this release is feature of favorite categories and sites. Visitors can add web sites and categories to their favorites while they are using your web directory. This way they wil come back to your site because it is much more functional than any other open directory based website including netscape.com.

  7. Advanced MetaSearch Engine
    Platforms: Unix, Windows
    Advanced Metasearch from CurryGuide (New release, version 2.0) is a fast, multiple query real-time web search engine. Professional, scalable, fully customizable websearching solution at an affordable price. Quick and easy installation in a matter of minutes on almost any server. Built-in support for vast range of important options and sector specific search.

  8. Advanced Search Ranking System
    $50.00 - Platform: Unix
    Create your own altavista style search engine with this search engine software. This KEYWORD DENSITY based engine ranks sites by webpage content giving fast accurate results. Includes 1 years free updates and support from our staff.

  9. Anaconda! Instant Metasearch
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Anaconda! Instant Metasearch is a Web Metasearch script for YOUR website. It will allow your visitors to do web searches just like at www.metacrawer.com or www.dogpile.com, and view the results right on your site. Best of all, Anaconda Instant Metasearch is compatible with ANY website running at ANY hosting service! There is NO CGI to install, nothing to configure. Just cut and paste a few lines of code into your html page.

  10. Anaconda! Search - Amazon.com edition
    $39.95 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Anaconda! Search - Amazon edition is a perl CGI script that dynamically searches the Amazon.com book database for keywords, and inserts the resulting book list into your sites pages on-the-fly. Individual book links are hardlinked with your Amazon associate code. NOTE: Anaconda! Search works against AMAZON.COM, AMAZON.CO.UK, and AMAZON.DE.

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