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Redirection Scripts
  1. Where2
    $150 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Where2? is a host redirection and subdomain management script. It allows you to replace a long, complex URLs with an easy-to-remember subdomain name. This script even allows you to offer subdomains as a free automated service. No SSI required!

  2. World Wide Anywhere
    $30 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Run a website off your local machine even if you have a static IP address. With this software you could run an entire website from your home platform. It is however advised that you use this software as a mirror tool for your site or to use this software so you can run executables off of your WebServer that your remote WebServer will not let you run. Most basic and even premium hosting accounts rarely let you run executables (.exe files) on their servers. They do not want the security headaches which is understandable except for the fact that a lot of people would like to run chat-rooms or stream their own audio without using Perl script refresh chats, embedded HTML redirect code, or relying on the hosts Real Audio servers which are usually expensive and somewhat unreliable. This software allows you to do just that and MUCH more.

  3. Wirehead's Browser-Sensitive Redirection CGI
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Trying to support the latest in browser while not ignoring old browsers? This CGI enables you to create multiple versions of your page and automaticly send a tailored version.

  4. Zone Coaster's Redirect
    It's a simple redirection script which allows you to place a drop-down list on your page and have the user redirected to another page when he presses the submit button. It also allows you to use images as submit buttons.

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