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Redirection Scripts
  1. Redirection CGI
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Use this script to keep logs of ad clicks or any other clicks fom links.

  2. Redirect - Jump
    Using a pull-down menu you can send a user to another page.

  3. Redirect Me by Blacksheep
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Allows the use of forms to redirect users to other pages.

  4. Redirect URL
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Redirect is a simple script to redirect visitor to another URL

  5. Script Smiths Redirection Counter
    Free - Platform(s): Windows/Linux/Unix
    The Redirection Counter is a script that counts the number of times a hyperlink is clicked by passing that link through a script that adds it to a database.

  6. Selection.pl
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Lets users choose from a drop-down list box for redirecting.

  7. Smart Router
    39.00 - Platform(s): Unix / Linux
    This script redirects visitors depending on where they are coming from. You decide where to send them.

  8. Smarter Scripts' Smart Frame Pro
    $19 - $29 - Platform: Unix
    Smart Frame will allow you to load links to other sites in a frame, just like Hotmail.com does. In another frame you can put a link back to your site or a banner. A great way to keep visitors at your site... even when they leave your site. Smart Frame Pro also counts every click so you know which links are most popular. This CGI can also be used for linking to FILES on your site (like music, graphics, warez, etc.), and you can display the top 10 files to your visitors.

  9. Smarter Scripts' URLforwarding
    $29 - $49 - Platform: Unix
    Do you want to make some extra cash and get more visitors to your site? With URLforwarding you can provide other web sites with YourDomain.com/Username and Username.YourDomain.com type URLs that will redirect to their web site. Members can easily create and edit accounts. You make money from ads shown in the frame (top or bottom of page), pop-up window or delay page that appears on each member's site, you can also increase your site's popularity because people will see your domain name all over the Internet! URLforwarding supports unlimited domain names, just like the big sites! Version 3 supports subdomain URLs!

  10. Spider Cloak
    $99.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    Spider Cloak is a search engine cloaking script that hides the source code to prevent theft and generates optimized marketing pages for submission. Spider Cloak supports wildcard 3rd level domains and tracks all visitors to the doorway pages - both surfers and spiders and dynamically redirects traffic both by IP and user agent. It creates a user-defined number of doorway pages that can be optionally all linked together.

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