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Redirection Scripts
  1. LinkJump V1.1
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    LinkJump makes it easy to track how your visitors use links to other sites that you placed at your web pages. Besides, it makes it easy to get back to your site since the special header page is shown to your visitors with links to your site's important pages. All the future updates are free!

  2. LinkJump Pro
    $3.99 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    LinkJump Pro is an advanced version of LinkJump - free link tracking tool. Link Jump Pro enables you to track how your visitors use links to other sites on your web pages. There is an online tool provided with the script to see logs and add or update links in the database. Link Jump Pro makes it easy to get back to your site since the special header page is shown to your visitors with links to your site's most important pages when any link is open. All the future updates are free!

  3. Logged Redirect
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows you to have easy redirection with logging on your site. It is really easy to use and puts information into a pipe '|' delimited data file for easy exporting to a spreadsheet.

  4. MaskURL
    $200 - Platform: Unix
    This script is well suited for sites that want to do the http://come.to thing. Features include: Masks url's (also known as URL cloaking), completely configurable layouts & design, easy MySQL based admin facility, easy installation, users can edit their details.

  5. Matt Wight's Browser Identification
    Free - Platform: Unix
    According to Matt's Readme: "This is a simple script which allows you to send users with a Netscape browser to a certain page, while others go to another page."

  6. Menu Redirect by Kastle Internet Services
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A extremely usuful script that allows to have easy menu redirection on on all you pages. And it is really easy to use. The script is extremely easy to setup, with the only configuration needed is on the HTML page(s) that you want the redirector on.

  7. Newbie Perl Archive: Form Navigator
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Form navigator directs users to another page depending on their selection from a list box.

  8. Quick Jump Station
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Redirection script. Select a web destination from a drop-down menu and go for it. No URLs are used into the HTML code, so nobody can use your script without your knowledge.

  9. PlanMagic Paypal Redirect
    $29.95 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, BSD, Irix, Windows NT/2000
    If you wish to sell software, music, movies and other downloadable material online and offer direct download options, you'll need a way to protect the download area once payment is made. The script ensures that noone gets access to the download URL except from the payment server itself, so you can offer direct downloads to your online customers securely. Easy to install.

  10. Pointer Site Redirect
    Free - Platform(s): unix
    Pointer Redirect 2.1 This script allows you to redirect pointer sites to a sub folder. Saving you money, instead of having to pay for two web sites, now all you need is one domain, and however many pointer sites. Easy to install. This is a two file script, all pointer sites are managed through a data file.

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