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Redirection Scripts
  1. Drea Leeds' Browser Matcher
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a script to refer the visitor to different pages depending upon their web browser version.

  2. Drop Menu (An Ignition Script)
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Drop Menu is a simple redirection script. It collects your data from a drop down menu box in your HTML file and then when the button is pressed it transfers you to the page that has been configured.

  3. Easy Redirect from Servers.nu
    Free - Platform: Unix
    It's a traffic tracking script. Use a drop-down box, text links or both to keep track of your visitors. You may view the logfile with your web browser or if you prefer, the script can mail it to you.

  4. EZRedir
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    A simple to use redirector based on time a surfer has last visited your site. This version allows 1 timeframe to be set.

  5. EZRotate
    free to members - Platform(s): UNIX
    Aim people at this script and it redirects them to one of numerous site urls that you set in the admin console. Allows for setting a determined number of displays also per url.

  6. ForwardPro3
    $39.99 - Platform(s): Unix
    With ForwardPro3 you can run your own subdomain forwarding, allowing your visitors to signup for a short subdomain under your domain or domains which forwards to their site's real URL, much like CJB.net. ForwardPro3 also allows visitors to forward their own domains to their website and offers a dynamic IP service for those hosting their sites off their own computers. Many features not available in other scripts, free upgrades.

  7. Go2It!
    Free - Platform: Unix
    You've seen Go2It! on sites before, lots of big and small sites enjoy the great navigation system of Go2It!. We created such a great working product that CCS's CGI-World.Net went as far as to say Go2It! had "Flawless Execution".

  8. interactivetools.com - Jump Box
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/Windows
    Allows users to navigate a website by selecting the area they want to go to from a select box. The script is written in both JavaScript and Perl/CGI. Normally the script redirects site visitors from one page to the other by using JavaScript, however, if a site visitor has JavaScript disabled, the Perl/CGI script will run as a backup.

  9. Jump Box
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Another redirection script which uses a drop-down list box. Just select your destinatiion and click on "Go". Quite simple to implement.

  10. JumpBox
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is yet another script which uses the drop-down list box approach to redirrecting visitors to their new destination.

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