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Redirection Scripts
  1. Smart Frame Pro
    $19 - $29 - Platform: Unix
    Smart Frame will allow you to load links to other sites in a frame, just like Hotmail.com does. In another frame you can put a link back to your site or a banner. A great way to keep visitors at your site... even when they leave your site. Smart Frame Pro also counts every click so you know which links are most popular. This CGI can also be used for linking to FILES on your site (like music, graphics, warez, etc.), and you can display the top 10 files to your visitors.

  2. URLforwarding
    $29 - $49 - Platform: Unix
    Do you want to make some extra cash and get more visitors to your site? With URLforwarding you can provide other web sites with YourDomain.com/Username and Username.YourDomain.com type URLs that will redirect to their web site. Members can easily create and edit accounts. You make money from ads shown in the frame (top or bottom of page), pop-up window or delay page that appears on each member's site, you can also increase your site's popularity because people will see your domain name all over the Internet! URLforwarding supports unlimited domain names, just like the big sites! Version 3 supports subdomain URLs!

  3. Aesthetic Software's V.S.R. (virtual subdomain redirection)
    $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    [theirname.yourname.com] Visitors sure do love those redirection URLs for their web sites. And now you can offer them! V.S.R. delivers the power of automation to make hosting your own redirection service painless & hassle free! Allows forced header/footer/popup/delay page advertising for your site (fully configurable). And use it's full function Administration utility to view/modify/email/suspend/release multiple accounts at once! It's email action even allows wildcards, automatically inserting user account information on-the-fly!

  4. All Redirections
    Free/$50 - Platform(s): Unix
    Host unlimited number of domains on one IP - You can chooose between 16 redirection types: frame/cloak redirection with meta keywords/descriptions, with or without favicon.ico, redirection without cloaking, wap/wml redirection, with or without advertising frame/window where you can put Your affiliate links. Now with web based maintenance and support for path forwarding. There is also free version.

  5. CGI Frame Branding v2.0
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Frame branding is a great way to keep your visitors inside your domain. This CGI Script gives you control when your visitors follows a link on your page. The link they follow opens in the same window but in a frame format, with the top frame belonging to you.

  6. CHGoto - Site Navigation
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Improve your site navigation by putting a menu on your page that allows your visitors to skip to the pages that they are looking for. CHGoto is independent of the form element you use - you can use a drop down menu, a list box, etc. It can also be configured so that other sites cannot easily use your script and so that your users can jump to other sites.

  7. ClickGo
    Free - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    This script lets you use pull down menus to link to different URLs. Works with both NT and Unix.

  8. DG Redirector
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a simple CGI script which does a redirection of the user after the redirection form is submitted. It also returns an Error! message if no URL was selected or typed.

  9. Domain Director
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Domain Director saves you money on hosting fees by allowing you to redirect one or more domains to subdirectories on you "primary" hosting account.

  10. DP LocalJump
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Are you hosting a number of domains and / or subdomains on the same webhotel ? Would you like visitors to be redirected to a certain folder or document depending on which way they came in ? This script handles it brilliant for you. Setup can be done in seconds and performance is absolutely great - check it out !

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