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Postcard Scripts
  1. Electronic Postcards
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Configuring this postcard program is a matter of installing the scripts onto the server, and compiling the additional software. Additional fonts may be added as an option. Then the user simply changes some values in the "configuration section" of the appropriate script and arrange postcards on the "rack" to open up shop.

  2. freEcards
    Free/$75 - Platform: Unix
    The freEcards script is the same script used by the freEcards service and is now for sale. You get all the options included in the service.

  3. FreeScripts: Postcard
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows a user to send an electronic postcard to anyone with an email address. The postcard information is stored in a database and the HTML postcards are created on the fly when a user types in a number to claim the postcard.

  4. InÚdita's Electronic Postcard
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Send an Electronic Postcard without overloading the mailbox of the recipient! First select the postcard, the colour of the background and the colour of the text, enter your name and email, the recipients name and email, your greeting, and indicate the date the e-mail should be sent. All these data will be stored in a SQL database and an email message will be sent to the recipient on the date choosen.

  5. Jason's Scripts: Postcard
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows visitors to send a Postcard to a friend. Users have the option to pick which picture they want to send, the color of the font and background, along with their own comments. The recipient receives an e-mail notifying them of the postcard and it's location. Also features automatic deletion of old expired cards.

  6. NeoCard
    Free - Platform: Unix
    NeoCard is a greeting card script written in Perl. It features "TUX" the Linux Penguin.

  7. Personal Postcards Gold
    $75 - Platform: Unix
    The Personal Postcards Gold Software Package is a ready-to-use Web Application. It includes both configurable Perl script and HTML templates.

  8. Planet CGI Internet Postcards
    Free - Platform: Unix
    FREE Postcard script to help increase traffic to your web site! Includes email extraction utility to extract email addresses of people that have used the script!

  9. PopCards
    $75 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    The closest thing to an authentic postcard experience. With PopCards, it couldn't be easier to attract new people to your home page. Every time someone retrieves a popcard, your homepage is displayed.

  10. Postcard Direct
    Free/$100 - Platform: Unix
    Postcard Direct is a different kind of postcard script because it sends the postcard directly to the recipient. Most other postcard scripts make the recipient access a web site and use some complicated random ticket number to view the postcard. Bummer if the web site is down, the recipient. Why complicate matters?

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