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Portals and Links Management Scripts
  1. MonoPro Link System
    $15 - Platform(s): UNIX, Win NT+
    Monopro link System allows you to create a portal-style link directory. It uses a powerful administration interface to create and manage multiple categories and subcategories. In the administration area you can design all properties of your directory. The link directory uses fully customizable header and footer templates that can be managed from the admin area.

  2. Mp3dl Automatic Archive
    $30 - Platform: Unix
    Mp3dl Automatic Archive is a CGI which lets you have a unique selection of songs for your mp3 archive. Webmasters from other sites add 1 (or several) songs from their site, in exchange their site's link appears beside the download. They get hits from you, and in exchange your archive grows. Easy to maintain.

  3. NewSearch
    Free/$20 - Platform: Unix
    Add fresh news content to your site!! NewSearch will allow users to perform a keyword search of Moreover.com's news database (headlines from 1,000+ sources). It will return any relevant headline(s) together with source(s), date(s)/time(s) and a link to the full story.

  4. NewsPage Wizard
    250.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    Description: NewsPage Wizard is a suite of scripts installed on your server or ours that provides a complete periodical publication system, including searching current edition, searching archives, auto archive, editor approval, publisher approval, one click publication and page serving. Generates navigation panel and all pages to create a complete online news or periodical publication.

  5. PC FFA Links
    $75 - Platform: Unix
    Free for All Links site automation script. Tons of features packed in.

  6. PicLinks
    $100 - Platform(s): Unix
    This is a community building script that allows people to upload pictures and have a page created with them.

  7. Realty Manager
    $299.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Managing real estate listings online is a snap with Realty Manager, your one-step posting management system! Realty Manager is your complete solution for managing real estate listings on your website. Whether you are building or operate a website for an independent realtor, a realty agency or even a "for sale by owner" site, Realty Manager gives you the tools you need to make your listing management as easy as 1-2-3!

  8. RobLink
    Free - Platform: Unix
    RobLink is a free-for-all link indexing script. Very easy to install and set up.

  9. Saumil's Link Manager
    Free - Platform: Unix
    As the name indicates, this application manages links. The author wrote the program to address his frequent inability to remember the URLs of "some cool website" whenever he needed to visit them.

  10. Script Central: Links Script
    Free - Platform: Unix
    The links script is intended to be a free-for-all links script, similar to other scripts of the same type, but with a few improvements. The biggest improvement being the admin script which allows you to edit/delete links, and add/delete categories. Other features include easy to change colors and fonts, and easy installation.

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