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  1. LinkFree Pro
    $29.95 - Platform: Unix
    LinkFree Pro is an upgraded version of our LinkFree script. Many new features were added to this product to enhance the operation and flexibility of the LinkFree database. Visitors to your site can add links to the database and select a Category/Sub-Category in which to place their link. The LinkFree Pro script will store the user information and allow the site administrator to maintain the links data and user data. LinkFree Pro provides several scripts for displaying the link information on your site pages. This can be done by direct url link to the scripts or SSI embeded links on your HTML pages.

  2. LinkHelper
    $20 - Platform: Unix
    LinkHelper will allow you to manage any type of links pages you may have, from a single page to an entire site spanning multiple pages. LinkHelper also allows you to have much greater control over your links than a free-for-all links page, but still gives you the speed and efficiency that a free-for-all page offers.

  3. Linkin' Memorial
    $75 - Platform: Unix
    Linkin' Memorial is a link collection script. It allows visitors to your site to share their favorite links and go "site-seeing" to the favorite sites identified by others. It includes the ability for a site administrator to modify/delete submissions via a web-based interface.

  4. LinXtor
    $14.95 - Platform: Unix
    Get links from any page on the World Wide Web automatically! Just type the URL of the page you want to extract links from and LinkXtor will get the links for you! Choose the links you want to keep and they will automatically be saved to a fully customizable links page. Or, if you have SSI, you can use the SSI command to put the links into any page on your site.

  5. LinkMatic Web Directory
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Run a feature-filled and efficient Web Directory database at your website. The program maintains one or more databases of website links using a separate directory for each database and its supporting files. You can have up to 90 categories per database. Each database file has one record per line, with 8 fields per record. Fields are delimited by the pipe (|) symbol.

  6. Links by Gossamer Threads
    $150 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Mac
    Links is an easy to use directory management program. Links allows you to run a complex link directory, without being overwhelmed by editing and updating HTML pages. It is modeled after Yahoo and inspired by The CGI Resources Index. It contains all the necessary features to run a successful directory. It is very portable and will run out of the box on UNIX, Windows NT and even Macintosh systems!

  7. Links by MGK
    Free - Platform: Unix
    For adding a yahoo-style link list with simple OR searching and multiple levels of categories. Add/modify/delete entries from an admin page as well.

  8. Lynk Station
    49.95 - Platform: Unix
    LynkStation 1.5 is website software designed to increase the number of visitors to a website without all the usual work. With LynkStation, website owners automatically run a database-driven Links Page and at the same time spread the word about their products and/or services to thousands of Internet users weekly! The LynkStation owner controls all the features of their site from a convenient online Control Panel - no HTML editing necessary.

  9. Master Index
    $200 - Platform: Unix
    Master Index is a search engine which allowes you to run an on-line search directory such as Yahoo.

  10. Matt Wright's Free For All Links
    Free - Platform: Unix
    According to Matt, "Free For All Link Page allows you to set up a web page which your users can then add links to in specified categories. Newest links are added to the top of each category. A running total of the number of links present as well as the time when the last link was added is shown at the top of the page."

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