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  1. Link It
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Link It allows visitors to add their link to your website. Very simple to insall and use. Logs the visitors IP address in case they try and spam the list.

  2. Link Manager
    $35 - Platform: Unix
    Manage your web links online without writing HTML. Link Manager boasts: Easy to use interface lets you manage your links with ease; Easy Setup - you can be up and running in minutes; Create, edit, rename, copy and delete categories and links; Link manager automatically creates alphabetized tables and menu bars for all your links; Writes customizable static webpage at the click of a button. And much More ...

  3. Link Submission and Approval System
    $29.95 - Platform: Unix
    Let visitors submit links to your site. Their links will only be added to the main datafile once you have approved them. Also, an email will be sent to you when someone has submitted a link. C/w admin interface.

  4. Link Sorter - Telnet Utility To Sort Out Url Lists
    Platform: Unix
    Ever need to go through a huge list of urls and filter out the dead links? Most webmasters do from time to time. Link sorter allows you to upload a simple ASCII one per line file of urls and run the script from telnet. The script goes through the list and sorts the urls into numerous lists of good urls, dead sites, redirects, etc. If you have a long list and need a break the program can be restarted from where you left off automatically.

  5. Link-Checker
    $100 - Platform(s): Unix
    LinkChecker is a webmaster's dream come true. It not only takes in a list of links and tells you which ones are bad links, but it gets so specific as to tell you which ones redirect to other pages, which are forbidden access links, which are successful, and which are the old 'File Not Found' pages.

  6. Link-O-Matic
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Drive traffic to your site the lazy way. The easiest way to drive traffic to your site is to offer a free service, and a Link-O-Matic free for all links page will allow you to do just that. It will allow your visitors to instantly add a link on your links page, and requires no work on your part.

  7. LinkMaster
    $150.00 - Platform: Unix
    This script, as it's name implies, makes trading traffic so easy it is not only fun, but it is also profitable.

  8. LinkTree
    $95 - Platform(s): Unix, WindowsNT/2000
    Set up your own searchable links directory with LinkTree. Directory pages are static HTML for fast display and low server load. Users can modify or delete their own links. Can be set to instantly add links, or require moderator approval.

  9. Lyles LinkTrade
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Allows you to choose a free for all links page, or a return links only links page. Either way this script is easy to set up and can increase you traffic considirably.

  10. LinkFree
    Free - Platform: Unix
    LinkFree is a Perl script that permits your visitors to add a text link to your site. LinkFree maintains a database of all links added. It does not modify a html page with the new links. So if you redesign the links page you don't lose the links that have already been added. The Admin function allows the Administrator to view and remove any unwanted or dead links.

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