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  1. Hyperseek
    $399 (plus optional add-ons) - Platform: Unix
    The HyperSeek Search Engine may be just what the doctor ordered for your web site. This system is extremely organized, designed to be used for more than just external links. It is ideally suited as a "Site Map" engine, a front-end for your FTP Site, or as a front-end for your articles, press releases, and internal documents. The possibilities are simply endless.

  2. iLink
    Free - Platform: Unix
    iLink operates on the "Less is More" principle. Using your templates for look, and iLinks familiar listing and category structure, your visitors will feel right at home. Features include: Administrator-approved Submission; Full Boolean Searching; Easy Customization; Full Administrative Control for Database Entries, Categories, Mailing List Generation; Scalability.

  3. Image Arcadia
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Supports an unlimited number of images, unlimited number of image categories, image access tracking, image descriptions, multiple user administration, extensible file types for viewing of unlimited types of media, templates, and complete control over the style of your gallery. All through a simple web based administration site. Arcadia is the one true 'community' gallery that allows for users to post their content as well.

  4. imageFolio (Thumbnail Edition)
    $39.95 - Platforms: Unix, Mac
    Categorize, provide navigation and file information for tens of thousands of photographs and/or images without having to do anything except FTP images to your website. You control columns, colors, borders, fonts, header and footer files, display information, and more for your image gallery. HTML pages generated dynamically from one small script. Provides next/previous links, links from thumbnail to full-size images, and pull down menu for navigation to an unlimited number of categories and subcategories. Zero maintenance.

  5. Inlink - SQL links directory management engine
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/Linux
    In-link (Inlink) is a SQL link directory engine for running a Yahoo-style directory directly from your web site. This SQL directory management program features an SQL customizable database engine and can be used for directory management purposes, including storing, sorting and searching of information of any kind using links and categories.

  6. IntelliLink
    $45 - $65 - Platform: Unix
    IntelliLink will assure link exchanges go well, both for you and sites that link to your site. Do you have trouble fitting all your links into your pages? Do webmasters stop linking to you because you don't send them enough hits? Well with IntelliLink sites are positioned on your site for you and it assures that all links get back as many hits as they have sent you. This, along with other features, allows for simple yet effective link exchanges. Your site will grow quickly and you won't even have to make sure sites are still linking to you.

  7. Interactive Bookmarks
    $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    Using this CGI Perl script you can attract more visitors providing them with Interactive Bookmarks service and increase CTR of the banners you serve. Users can store, annotate and arrange their bookmarks using multiple categorized folders. These categories are used to serve highly targetted banners based on currently selected folder's category. Categories and banners can be easily edited via admin script. Standalone script for servicing categorized banners at any page of your site also included.

  8. JobList
    $150 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    Fully user friendly interface for adding or updating job listings. Once setup this does ALL the work for you.

  9. KAOrg Online Organizer
    $175 - Platform(s): WinNT, Win2K
    Add PIM features to your website. Let your users manage their Calendar, Events / To-do, Contacts, Diary, Bookmarks, Files and Email Account. Automated email reminders. Import contacts from Outlook Express and bookmarks from IE and Netscape. Collaboration features. Can be completely localized and all page layouts are fully customizable. Easily integrates with any existing access control on your site. ADO based, so will work with any backend database.

  10. LibWeb
    Free - Platforms: UNIX, WinNT
    LibWeb is a Perl library/toolkit for building community web site/applications from scratch quickly. Features: Members and sessions management (authentication via cookies); concise, database independent and easy to use database API with enhanced MySQL support; template-driven, dynamic HTML page generation without using PHP/ASP/SSI/Javascript; and HTML widgets and themes.

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