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  1. Blackwidow Spider Utility
    Platform: Unix
    Multi level spider engine that indexes web servers and creates ASCII list of urls for automatic submission software. An ESSENTIAL tool for system administrators. If you ever wished you could push a button and get a list of ALL the urls on your webserver then this is EXACTLY what you are looking for!

  2. CGI Biz Bookmarks
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Allow your visitors to keep their bookmarks on your Web site and they will keep going back to it! With Bookmarks visitors will be able to store their bookmarks in a categorized list. Features include: Easy to Install and Use, Template Based Architecture, Administration Panel, Multi User Support, Instant List Editing, and Full Automation.

  3. Cicerone
    $500+ - Platform(s): Unix, Windows, Others
    Cicerone™ is a multi-platform, multi-server, multi-database, web-based corporate information system. Completely web-driven and accessible through any 4.x web brower, Cicerone allows your company to create and maintain information on the fly. It supports any type of file attachment, built in security levels, user and system-wide customizations, automatic import of syndicated news and content, custom email notification of new content, extremely user friendly, and much more. Cicerone is ideal for community-driven Internet/Intranet/Extranet sites or as a standalone document/content management system.

  4. ClanAdmin
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, Win
    ClanAdmin is an easy way to manage a Clan's Website. It takes the effort out of updating the following. News, An Active Roster, Scheduled Matches, Match records Personalized Bio pages, and Auto Generated Battle Templates. Features multiple logins and settable user permissions, so members can only update parts of the site they have been granted access to. Template based (works on any existing site design) and requires no database support. Requires Perl and SSI (server side includes)

  5. Cliff's Free Links Script
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Script has built-in search engine and random link that your visitors can use to search all the links, or only specific sections; can send a customizable email to people when their link is added; can send an e-mail message to people once their link is rotated out; counts the number of hits each link gets; statistics report; add and remove sections from the admin page; lock out offensive text from the admin page; easy deletion of links from the admin page.

  6. DCLinks98
    $35 - Platform: Unix
    DCLinks98 is a simple, two-layer, links index script. It allows you and your visitors to add your/their favorite URLs. The links data is stored in a pipe delimited flat database file. This allows you to quickly add/remove links. DCLinks98 script uses a template file for its display, making it easy for you to customize it for your web site.

  7. DirectoryPro directory software
    $70 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT, Win2000
    Allows simple creation of a Yahoo style directory. Output style completely configurable. Many features including keyword advertising, static category paging, top sites, and much more. This search engine software comes with free updates and support. Our new Easy Install system makes installing DirectoryPro quick and easy. More...

  8. DP Link
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, NT
    This script is designed to handle your link collection efficiently and elegantly. Links can be viewed by category or search query. All you have to do is edit a few HTML-files once and DP Link handles the rest. New links are validated to avoid "dead-links" and sent as email to the webmaster if wanted.

  9. EC Online Bookmark
    $22.00 - Platform: Unix
    Let user add bookmark on your site, with many features, member registration, password protect, can add or delete bookmark, create categories, and very easy to setup.

  10. Exchange Links
    $19.95 - Platform(s): Windows and UNIX
    This program makes the exchanging link process automatic! The person who wants to exchange links with you fills out the form on your site. The program then displays to them the link information you want them to display on their link page. They MUST now put your link on their page and click your link in order for their link to appear on your link page. This stops people from putting their link on your link page but never returning the link on their web site! The program keeps count of how many times your link has been clicked on from the other web sites. The program will also automatically delete any link from your link page that hasn't been clicked on in 60 days. You can set this time higher or lower than 60 days. The program comes with complete tools and status page that the program owner can call up using a password. The status page tells you when the exchange of links first took place. What site and page your link was put on. How many times your link was clicked on. The time your link was last clicked on. The full text information about their link. The ability to delete their link from your link page with just a click of the mouse.

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