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  1. IntelliLink
    $45 - $65 - Platform: Unix
    IntelliLink will assure link exchanges go well, both for you and sites that link to your site. Do you have trouble fitting all your links into your pages? Do webmasters stop linking to you because you don't send them enough hits? Well with IntelliLink sites are positioned on your site for you and it assures that all links get back as many hits as they have sent you. This, along with other features, allows for simple yet effective link exchanges. Your site will grow quickly and you won't even have to make sure sites are still linking to you.

  2. Aborior's Simplex Link Manager
    Free/$120 - Platform(s): All Platforms
    Fire up your links page by tracking hits in and out of your site. Exchange links with other sites and let your links page rank them by the number of hits they send to you. Let users add and edit their own links, but screen them before changes are confirmed. Suitable for automating your links page or running a top sites program. Use it as a standalone application or integrate it using SSI. Entire look can be controlled with a series of flexible templates.

  3. Add Link Script by Web-It
    Free - Platform: Unix
    The Add Link Script is a very simple script that allows people to add links to your site. Right Now there are not many features in this script it just allows for the inserting of links.

  4. Add a Link
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Add A Link is just that. It has an autoresponder built in, error checking and a "linklock" feature. If the linklock is set to "on", the submitted link needs admin approval before it goes live. If turned "off", the link is instantly added.

  5. AddLink
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows a visitor to your website to automatically add a link to his website to a specified page on your website under any category he chooses and which you have provided.

  6. Advanced Directory
    $399.00 - Platform: Unix, WinNT, Win32
    Instant directory content for your site. Includes entire or part of Open Directory in a matter of minutes. Comes with full searching support. Most Professional directory and searching solution for forward looking webmasters.

  7. AFFA
    Free - Platform: Unix
    An AFFA link page can spice up your web site. It enables your visitors to add links of interest for other users to find. The AFFA script is virtually maintenance free, and has been designed to be abuse and spam proof.

  8. Anaconda! Open Directory
    $199 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Anaconda! Open Directory is a perl CGI script that dynamically creates a site directory on your website using the Open Directory Project data. The Open Directory Project is a comprehensive directory of quality websites that is maintained by thousands of volunteers from all over the world. Its a fantastic resource containing hundreds of thousands of site descriptions all neatly placed within thousands of categories and subcategories. The directory is fully searchable.

  9. Arcadia
    Free/$109 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Features include thumbnail generation, multiple file adding through a batch build, user registration, delayed/immediate posting of media, user editable database fields, support for any type of file, CSS support, style customization through skins or a point and click interface, database libraries for use with any system (including MySQL), and more.

  10. Auto Manager
    $299.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Managing auto listings online is easy with Auto Manager, your one-step posting management system! Auto Manager is your complete solution for managing auto listings on your website. Whether you are building or operate a website for an independent salesperson, a dealership, private sales or selling on consignment. Auto Manager has the functionality needed to give buyers a simple way to shop for the car of their choice!

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