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Password Protection Scripts
  1. SunnyScript's AccessGuardian
    Platform: Unix
    AccessGuardian is a powerful user management system to protect your website from unauthorized accesses. Suited also for managing pay-per-view websites. Multiple levels of protection, versatile user management, automatic user removement (memberships), password reminder, no .htaccess necessary, easy installation and more features. The web-frontend is fully customizable according your needs and can be integrated into any existing website layout. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software!

  2. Surf Pass
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Generate dynamic pages using Perl CGI. Process web forms, restrict user access, create databases and more! An all-in-one utility for any website.

  3. Technotrade's .htaccess Password Protector Free - Platform: Unix
    This script is used to manage multiple usernames/passwords for .htaccess/.htpasswd directory protection. In addition to storing the username and encrypted password, you may add additional info for users such as name, e-mail and comments to help you manage who has access to your "member only" web site. Users can be notified via e-mail when you add them to the user list and when you modify their password.

  4. Unhurler
    59.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    This script will stop passwords from being lifted from your server by password hurlers used in brute force attacks in real time.

  5. Validate
    $50 - Platform: Unix
    This is a program that will provide adequate security for individual pages in your site or for entire directories in your site. This is not as secure as .htaccess and .htpassword files but it is still a good alternative for sites unable to access those options. If the program is installed correctly and used faithfully, it will prevent surfers from accessing the contents of any page or directory you stipulate.

  6. Validator by Online Web Design
    $45 - Platform: Unix
    Validator allows you to run a subscription web site that is password protected. This script is written to work with IBILL's real time credit card transaction system. Finally an inexpensive way to accept credit cards online.

  7. Veinotte's Member Manager 1.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A basic password management program. It allows you to add and remove members from your password and users files (.htpasswd and .htgroup) from your browser. It does NOT protect a directory, nor does it create the password files for you. It is intended only to be used as a management script for adding and removing users from the authorized list.

  8. WAccess
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    WAccess is a is a very simple system access manager. You can define Guest account or Administrator account. For eath, you define Login and Password, users can change password, and Administrator can Add / remove users.

  9. World Wide Perl Coder
    Trial/$19.95 - Platform(s): Windows APP/Script ANY
    Allows you to encrypt your Perl source code making it very difficult to modify or steal.

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