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Password Protection Scripts
  1. Profile Manager
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WInNT
    Profile Manager is a database driven membership and profile management system. When a user registers it automatically adds the information about the user into the database. After registration process, user can log on the system by using his/her login and password. Any time point the user can see/modify/delete his profile or search others profiles from the control panel.

  2. Protect from CGI biz
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Protect is a Wizard-style CGI script that helps to protect files on Apache server. Even though Apache servers have powerful file protection mechanisms, most webmaster don't use them because of their complexity. Protect solves this problem by providing a simple yet effective user interface.

  3. Protect.Pl
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    This is a powerful password script with the added ability to protect images using an add-on script. It has the ability to use sub-directories and restrict access to different directories in the password file. Comes with a logging mehanism which records all IP addresses which committed failed login attempts.

  4. Register
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Register.pl is a script that helps you control access to pages within one of your directories. It uses a perl htpasswd.pl

  5. Ready-to-Go Scripts: Password
    $70-95- Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Password: allows you to create separate protected directory for each user/group of users. When user enters login/password correctly, he appears in his own directory.

  6. RegisterMe!
    49.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    Professional quality membership management Perl scripts. Automated signup, email address verification, automated .htaccess and .htpasswd management, mass mail, lost passwords via email service, different access levels for admin, single user mode for database backup and maintenance, legacy .htaccess databases preservation.

  7. Registration Script
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Here is a simple way to have your visitors register to use a feature of your site. The user enters their personal information and a temporary password is sent via email. This helps to ensure they at least give a valid email address. They then return to the registration area to confirm and pick a permanent password. Not practical for restricting access to a page, but useful to check identity before accepting a form, or to then print "secret stuff" to the browser window.

  8. Script Secure
    Free - Platform(s): Unix
    Protect your existing scripts by checking the locations of the forms (referers) calling your scripts.

  9. Selena Sol's Password Authorization
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Using Gunther Birznieks's authentication library, this script delivers the content of secure html and perl script files to a limited list of authorized users, or additionally, authorized groups of users.

  10. StepWeb's CheckMe
    Free - Platform: Unix
    CheckMe is a very simple to-use password script, which lets you password protect one of your webpages. You may include an infinite number of people with different passwords. It also logs every login in a log file. You may also get an e-mail on every login.

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