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Password Protection Scripts
  1. Member Manager
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Member Manager is a basic password management program. It allows you to add and remove members from your password and users files (.htpasswd and .htgroup) from your browser. It does NOT protect a directory, nor does it create the password files for you. It is intended only to be used a a management script for adding and removing users from the authorized list.

  2. Members Admin SQL
    $359.95 - Platform(s): Unix/Linux
    This MySQL database driven script manages all your members and password protected directories. Includes multiple member databases, multiple admins, individual configuration per database, 200,000+ member capacity, and more. Optional credit card processing.

  3. Monitor v3
    $34.95 - Platform(s): Unix/Linux
    Stop password sharing and trading with this abuse detection script. It has email features, several configurable parameters, and it includes a unique admin utility that allows per-user control of access monitoring.

  4. MultiPass
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Multipass takes a list of usernames and passwords, one set per line, separated by colons and stored in a plain text file, encrypts the passwords and stores the resulting pairs in an .htaccess file.

  5. Ovelo Sentry
    $49.95 - Platform(s): Unix,Perl
    Ovelo Sentry offers you an easy and affordable way to protect your membership website from password traders and hackers.

  6. PassGen
    $35 - Platform(s): Unix
    PassGen, an easy way to make sure your users choose secure passwords to cut down on password hackers breaking their accounts open! Set comes with 2 scripts, one that allows them to enter data and generates a password based on that data, and one that randomly chooses a secure password and displays it for them.

  7. PassHack Killer
    $50 - Platform: Unix
    This is simply a brute force password hacker killer. This will see all bad password attempts and after a certain amount that you set, will deny that persons IP to even access your site.

  8. Passmaster
    Free / $70
    Passmaster is a site protection script with full database management that lets you administer unlimited numbers of users and passwords. It also comes available in a deluxe version which offers a professional solution for efficient and conveniant customer management and site protection (page as well as directory protection).

  9. Password Administrator+
    $149 - Platform(s): Unix
    Advanced account manager that automatically deactivates expired accounts, disables abused accounts, e-mails members when their account is about to expire, and much more. 100% compatible with PayPal, AuthorizeNet, Verisign, iBill, and other payment processors.

  10. Password Administrator+
    $199.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    The Password Administrator+ is an advanced, full-featured password protection system. It checks for and automatically deactivates expired accounts, can automatically deactivate accounts of members that share passwords, e-mails members when their accounts are about to expire and much, much more. The script's Admin Control Panel enables you to graphically setup and customize the program itself, and serves as the central location from which you can add, delete, e-mail, edit, and view all your accounts. Complimentary professional installation included (limited time only).

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