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Password Protection Scripts
  1. Alpha-Numerical Generator
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A very simple perl script which generates alpha-numerical passwords. An ideal "glue" for your existing password script which circumvents the need to allow users to create there own password. Run on Perl5 with no special modules, can be configured to any character length.

  2. Authenticate
    $20 - Platform(s): NT, Linux, Unix
    These scripts allow visitors to create free or paid accounts that permit access to your protected pages. All e-mail addresses are validated through a confirming e-mail. Users can retrieve lost passwords whilst administrators can change passwords, re-validate e-mail addresses, mail individual users,suspend and delete accounts. All logins are recorded and can be reviewed by the administrator should abuse be suspected.

  3. CGI Lockdown
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This Library script provides encrypted password protection to multiple perl cgi files. Can be run simultaneously on as many scripts as you want with just TWO lines of code to add in the target cgi. One password, many files! Maintains a lockout IP routine that logs potential threats and bans that IP Address by redirecting them to a web site or page of your choice. Initially it builds the password file you...only asks you log in once then it logs your IP as a temporary user. Also includes a "Log Out" feature that erases your temp.ip file this is useful so that someone can't spoof an IP and pretend to be you.

  4. CGI World's Protect It
    $100 - Platform: Unix
    Protect It is a script/program written in Perl designed to create & manage the .htaccess or .nsconfig method of server authentication for web browsers accessing a web directory for web servers.

  5. CGI World's Protect It Pro
    $ 200 - Platform: Unix
    Protect It Pro, using DBM Files is one of the most convienent ways of providing username / password authentication to users who are accessing a web directory you wish to be blocked. Protect It Pro can support more than 150,000 username/password combinations without trouble, where flat text files slow the server down when you reach about 1,000-1,500+ users. Easy customization allows the administrator to setup as many extra (new) fields he or she wishes that will be saved in a database under their usernames record.

  6. Cliff's Password Protector Script
    $49.95 - Platform: Unix
    If you run a site that requires membership, it's really only a matter of time before someone gives out their username and password. So, you can either spend hours a day checking Usenet and password sites, or you can just install Cliff's Password Protector script.

  7. Colin Cross's password.pl
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Password.pl stores the usernames and passwords as plain text in a publicly readable file. This makes it quite un-secure.

  8. CWD Site Access Lite v1.0
    Free - Platform(s): UNIX
    CWD Site Access Lite is for those that have a non-commercial site and wish to add automatic member addition to there members are. Here are the key features of the program: Automatic Members Sign-up, Automatic Addition to .htaccess file, Editable Header and Footer Files, Account Finder, Check Sign-up Form, Admin Control Panel, Add / Edit / Delete Members, List All Members, Mass Mail All Members (Pro Version Only), Add Members and more.

  9. DBasics' CGI Security Script
    Free - Platform: Unix
    The logon.cgi file will verify your access through use of the passwd.txt file and log in your REMOTE_HOST IP Address into the logon.txt file. Then whenever you run any of the maintenance scripts containing the snippet of code in Step 2, it will verify that the REMOTE_HOST running the script is the same person that was verified and logged in through the logon.cgi script. If the person is not authorized, it will just return a SERVER ERROR letting them think that the script doesn't work when in reality they didn't have access.

  10. EZ Pass Unix Password Protection
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This utility automatically generates .htaccess and .passwd files without needing Telnet access to your server. You can just cut and paste the code into a text editor, save the files, upload them to your server and BAM! instant password protection!

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