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Password Protection Scripts
  1. .htaccess csPassword Protection
    $35 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csPassword is an automated system for creating and maintaining apache style .htaccess files to password protect website directories. Add, Modify, Delete password protection to any directory on your server. No limit to the number of directories the script can be used on. Central Administration done through the web browser.

  2. .htpasswd Registration and Administration Scripts
    $40 subscription - Platform: Unix
    For those wanting to use the .htaccess and .htpasswd protection scheme for their web boards, this script automates registering new users.

  3. .Password
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script will write the .htaccess and .htpasswd files in the path that you specify. Designed to work with Unix with Apache web server. I plan on adding more documentation later. But for now here it is.

  4. Access Control Manager
    14.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    The Access Control Manager (ACM) script is a multi-tiered access control web menu system. It allow a web admin to setup "hidden" WebPages and or scripts on his/her site and allow users to access them based on a security level assigned to both the user and the menu item. Once the user has been logged in, a session level cookie maintains the users access level for as long as they keep their browser open. This eliminates the need to re-login during short absences from the site. It is a tiered system and thus a user given access level 3 can see items that are configured as requiring level 3 access or lower. In the same way a user with the highest level (7) can see all menu items configured except for those reserved for Super-user/Admin access. And a user with level 1 access will only see items that are level 1. This script is completely configurable to allow as many users and menu items as you would like. It can also be easily be configured to match the look and feel of you website through the many configurable options during setup.

  5. Access Denied
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Access Denied is a simple password login manager. The script will allow you to add, remove and even remove mulitple passwords at once. The easiest password script to set up.

  6. Account Manager Lite
    Free - Platforms: Unix, Win95, WinNT
    This is a program desiggned to make running membership websites easier. Features include: Automated User/Member signup, Administration approval/denial control panel, Automatic addition/deletion to .htpasswd/.nsconfig files, Confirmation e-mail sent, Form fields checked for completion, Account Finder for lost Username/Passwords, Customizable Header and Footer information, to match, your website theme and graphics, Edit user account information via Control Panel

  7. AccountBot
    $19.95 - Platform(s): UNIX
    Accountbot is a secure user authentication/membership management program. Its features include: Form based login, Automatic Admin approval of new members, Ability to setup mailing list, Template based for easy design, Ban certain usernames, Protection for any existing directory, Auto detection of whether cookies are enabled or disabled, email confirmation to both new members and admin, Automatic password encryption, Member Logout, and more.

  8. Achilles Members Area
    FREE - Platform(s): UNIX
    Achilles Members Area is a password protected members area script that does not use .htaccess, but instead uses Cookies. It includes a fully functional Admin Area, sign up form, and built-in mailing list. You can define what information you wish to collect from the members and integrate it into all of your system.

  9. Advanced User Authorization
    Free - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    Advanced User Authorization: The Signup Engine is an effective solution for requiring users to register to use functions on your site. Template driven and completely customizable enables seamless integration into your existing site style.

  10. Alias Membership Pro
    $99.95 - Platform(s): Unix/Lunix/Win2000/NT
    Automatically signup new members or enforce administator approval or denial. Define and personalize confirmation and error emails (html/text), screens and messages for every possible situation or scenario. Unlimited account choices for your paying customers. Easy integration with your payment system. Auto account expiration and reminder email. Protected area monitoring for password abuse. Easily search, view, modify, filter, change status, delete, import and export your members Automatically broadcast personalized emails to your members. Lost username/password finder and sophisticated online administration control panel.

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