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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. NetMail By MediLinks
    $400.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    NetMail By MediLinks is your web-based email solution. Ensure that your customers email stays safe with NetMail. Supports file attachments, folders, SSL, multiple pop3 accounts, and so much more. Access your email from any PC in the world with NetMail.

  2. News Wizard
    Platform: Unix
    This great mail system features personalized newsletters, anti-spam-security, automatic un/subscription, send report/statistics, address-error-check/report, full online administration, newsletter and list editing, upload function, subscription date and IP-logging, data dupe checking, re-subscriber recognition and much more. Easy admininstration and installation.

  3. Newsletter Administrator
    This Webbased package makes it possible to create newsletters, modify newsletters, send newsletters to all your subscribers, or selected subscribers, delete newsletters. View/Add/Delete e-mail addresses from your database. Subsribe/Unsubscribe online, confirmation e-mail, if subscribed or unsubscribed and more. Now you are able to administrate your newsletters from anywhere.

  4. NewsPro mail
    free (GPL) - Platform(s): Unix, Linux
    NewsPro mail is a Web interface for managing newsletters/announcements. Users can add their email address in the database, and receive email newsletters sent by this script. It is available in English, German, and Russian. Unlike some other similar scripts, no SQL is needed.

  5. OA Mailer
    $175 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    A full-featured mailer script supporting regular forms, multipart forms, command-line, cookies, and validation, using html and text templates (no programming).

  6. Opt-Email
    Platform: Unix
    Opt-Email is the optimal way to manage your mailing lists. The script handles multiple public and private lists and requires users to register before adding them to a list.

  7. Opt-In Professional
    $200 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    This allows you to manage an unlimited number of email lists from a single interface. Handles double opt-in subscribing and unsubscribe. Can use flatfile or MySQL Database.

  8. Patrick Fitzgerald's MailServ
    This is another web interface to mailing lists. Simply use the web interface to input all the information and let the script send the commands to the list server.

  9. PC BulkMail
    $25 - Platform: Unix
    A simple bulk mailer, it will allow you to send mass-emails to people who have subscribed to your opt-in list.

  10. PC DupeCheck
    $25 - Platform(s): Unix
    Checks any list of e-mail addresses and will remove all duplicates. Can run as both a CGI script or a command line tool.

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