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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. Mass Mailer
    $29.95 - Platform: Unix
    CGI Los Angeles Mass Mailer program is a sophisticated and robust web-based programs that allows webmasters to administer their list of Email Addresses and send email messages. All messages appear as if they are sent to that individual, along with individual names and company names. The entire group will not know that you are actually sending the message to dozens or more people. The program allows you to organize your email addresses in categories, ensures no duplicate categories or email addresses are created, lets you create HTML to allow visitors to subscribe to your lists, and much more...

  2. MassMail
    $20 - Platform: UNIX, WinNT
    This script allows you to send e-mail messages to your mailing lists from a text file of email addresses. Works with a web-based form in your favorite browser. Your mailing in one click.

  3. Maxsponder Autoresponder
    $495 - Platform(s): UNIX
    Program up to 20 different timed response letters per autoresponder created and create an unlimited number of responders. It allows for a variety of customizations per autoresponder, features email list management features and demographics data collection capabilities.

  4. MaxSponder AutoResponse Email Management System
    $495.00 - Platform: Unix
    MaxSponder Autoresponse and Email Management system is a MySQL powered email management system. It features the ability to program in up to 20 different timed response letters per autoresponder created and allows for creation of an unlimited number of autoresponders. It allows for a variety of customizations per autoresponder, features email list management features and demographics data collection capabilities. It also supports full reporting capabilities for both the “owner” of MaxSponder and the “owner” of each autoresponder. Great for marketing campaigns, e-mail list management, newsletter delivery and many other applications where flexible control of an email list is needed.

  5. Mill Road List Manager
    $25 - Platform(s): Unix
    Easily manage multiple mailing lists, each with its own signatures, auto-responders and archive. Copy and paste code to subscribe/unsubscribe to any list from your website.

  6. Mojo Mail
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Mojo Mail is a light-weight web based email mailing list manager. Its supports announce-only lists and group discussion lists, as well as archiving, double opt-in subscriptions and double opt-out unsubscriptions. List mailings can be sent using sendmail, qmail or even with a straight SMTP connection - either all at once, or in timed batches. All list administration can be done through your browser, in Mojo Mail's administrative control panel. Creating new lists and administrating them is easy.

    Mojo Mail is a great alternative to programs such as Majordomo if you want to give more control to the actual list owners, who may not have much experience with such applications. Mojo Mail can be run simply as a CGI script and needs no special modules installed. The entire look of html pages created by Mojo Mail can be customized with any template you can provide, on a list by list basis. Almost all of Mojo Mail's features can be customized to fit what you want to do.

  7. ms-mail by Magnum Solutions
    Free - Platform: Unix
    ms-mail.pl is a simple form mail script for World Wide Web pages. It allows you to capture data from a form on a web page and to have the data emailed to your choice of address.

  8. Multi Mailing List Manager
    $24 - Platform(s): UNIX/Linux
    Finally, A simple, powerful, easy to install mailing list program that is sure to turn your on-line business into a Powerhouse. It is just what you need for all your newsletters and eZines. Unlimited amount of mailing lists, message archive. Allows you to collect subscribers with a traditional subscribe box OR by sending a blank email to ANY POP3 e-mail account. Not just your domain POP3 access, but also the free ones.

  9. Myownemail.Info
    1400 - Platform(s): All
    Get yourself your very own personal email account with your own domain name, yourname@yourdomain.com, nice outlook express like interface to choose for template - Calendar, Schedule, Search, PeopleSearch and HTML Message Composer & Lot More.

  10. Net Announcements
    Platform: Unix
    Net Announcments is like a majordomo or mreply mailing list, but only one way as many webmasters are looking for. A way to contact users who are subscribed to a unique list whenever needed. From a subscribers point of view, he or she may subscribe themselves to any list or lists. When subscribing they may also fill in a comments box addressed to the site's contact person.

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