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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. Mailing List V 1.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows you to collect email addresses from your visitors, then you can send out news-letters or announcements to all of your members in the database. This script will check if an email address is already in the database before adding it in. Also, a member can unsubscribe directly from your website if he or she doesn't want to be on your list anymore.

  2. MailIt! 99
    Free - Platform: Unix
    In a world with Majordomo's and ListBot's, why would you need MailIt! 99? The reason is simple. Many of us have either limited, or no access to Majordomo, and yet wish for a way to send out a corporate newsletter without annoying ads. This is where MailIt! 99 comes in. MailIt! 99 allows you to send out professional looking newsletters, is easy to configure, and has absolutely no ads. MailIt! 99 also includes the ability to mark the priority of your message, that is, you can set it to high, normal, or low importance just like in your favorite email program. What's more, you get complementary technical support, and since its OpenSource™, you can freely modify it.

  3. MailList
    Free - Platform: Unix
    MailList allows you to create and maintain an email mailing list. Users can add and remove themselves from the list. MailList supports multiple topics within a single list. Users select topics they are interested in. When you send messages, you check the blanks it relates too, and the appropriate users receive the email.

  4. MailMan
    Free/$250/$400 - Platforms: Unix, Win32
    MailMan is a web-based application that allows the user to send and receive Internet email from any Internet-connected web browser. MailMan can interface with any POP3 mailbox and any SMTP server. MailMan supports MIME encoded message attachments, MIME multipart/alternative HTML-encoded messages, an efficient frames-based interface, a fully customizable template-based interface, and many other features. MailMan licenses are free for private individuals, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

  5. MailManager
    $59 - Platform: Unix
    MailManager is a mailing system that does it all: form processing, mailing list and its management. Users can add or remove themselves from the list. Included features are Autoresponder Mails, Mail Logging, Form Field checking and a mailbase management.

  6. MailMatic
    Free - Platform: Unix
    The author fondly calls this "The 10-Second Survey". Users only have to click radio buttons (FUN!) to submit a response, and can add their E-Mail address to the mailing list. It also supports simple message-creation and E-Mailing to list members.

  7. Mailmerge CGI Script
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Mailmerge is a Perl CGI script for handling simple HTML forms without doing any actual scripting. You can use it to create user comment forms, surveys, software registration pages, and bug reports.

  8. MailNow
    $300 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    A web-based email product that provides unlimited addresses for multiple domains using just a single catchall POP account per domain. Give your website visitors their own email address - a great way to increase traffic and get visitors to come back again and again! Add your own advertising banners to promote your services. Expand your online community with a controlled environment for web-based email.

  9. Majordomo Tool
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is Perl-based interface to Majordomo. Users can use it to interact with Majordomo by entering their e-mail address and selecting any of the following actions - subscribe unsubscribe, get, index, which, who, info, intro, lists, and help.

  10. majorhelp.pl
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a simple Perl script that takes an email address in a form on your web page, along with some hidden inputs, and mails out a command to Majordomo.

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