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Mail Processing Scripts
  1. Interactive Web's The Mailman
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    The mailman is a Multi-Purpose Freeware application, designed to manage your mailing lists. With this program, you can add and delete users to/from mailing lists, as well as create and send the mail to each of your lists. The system allows for unlimited mailing lists

  2. LI-Maillist
    Free - Platform: Unix
    With this maillist you have an easy way to manage a mailinglist of your own. By using an HTML-template file you can easily change the outlook of the script without touching the CGI code! People can easily subscibe and unsubscribe themselves. The script first checkes if the email is already subscribed before subscribing it and before unsubscribing it looks if that address is subscibed. You can enter your admin page by typing in your username and password wich (are stored encrypted) you setup when you use it the first time. With one complete admin page you can see how many subscribers you have, add/delete email addresses, send messages to your subscribers and change your admin username and password.

  3. List Mail
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A powerful hands-free mailing list manager that allows you to create multiple mailing lists. Our program allows you to easily maintain your mailing list via the web. Your subscribers can create and send mail to all members of the list directly from their browser. ListMail is capable of providing for uploaded attachments to be send with messages. The webmasters page is password protected and contains tools for administration and configuration of lists. The admin area shows the list of all members, allows subscribing of non-members, removal of users, and provides the security option to filter out unwanted IP Addresses, URLs and Email Addresses.

  4. ListMail
    $50 - Platform(s): Unix, PHP, MySQL
    ListMail manages your ezines and newsletters. Features include: Easy install, Unlimited mailing lists with custom settings, unlimited followup messages, link DB with tracking, and plenty of unthought of customizations. $50 for life with updates, you've got to try the demo!

  5. ListMail Autoresponder
    $50 - Platform(s): PHP, MySQL, IE5
    ListMail autoresponder features unlimited mailing lists, unlimited followups, message codes, links with hit counting, and more! Try the demo!

  6. Macurious Auto-Responder
    Free - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    Macurious Auto-Responder is absolutely FREE. This CGI script let your visitors send their feedback to you via e-mail. Once your visitors sent their feedback to you, Macurious Auto-Responder will automatically reply them with an e-mail to thank them. This reply message can be customized. You can also change the background color or add background picture to the feedback page.

  7. Mail Master Pro
    Platform: Unix
    Simple the most fully featured mail manager in the script world today. This program has it all,including: full personalization capabilities, No text files to edit, unlimited mail list, upload existing list feature, customized and personalized responses, fourth field added for tracking, view all contents of any list,password protected, easy to install, and much more.

  8. Mail Pro Opt-In List Manager
    $795.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    The Mail Pro Opt-In List Manager is literally the best of it's kind on the web. It's the perfect 100% safe solution and handles any opt-in commission based list with ease. It completely eliminates the problem facing most list owners, how to handle spam complaints. With Mail Pro, there aren't any...Here's how it works.... There are 3 different mailers included in this program. One called "Sampler", which allows free members to mail to the list weekly. "FlashMail" which allows paid members to mail to the entire list daily and the "Admin Mailer". which allows owners to send mail to the list as often as they want. If a user, visitor or paid member tries to send a message before they should they will get an error message telling them how long they have to wait before sending. This message will count down every day. So if the sample is set for 7 days and you come back after 2 then the error message will tell you that you must wait 5 more days before sending. These limits can be changed to any amount, easy. Sample could be once every day, 14 days or 30 days or what ever. The same applies for paid members. The sampler join feature is total auto. They fill out a form and get a message telling them to "click here" and then that link takes them to a web page that tells them to check their email address for their password. They have to have a username and password to use the sampler. Then if they unsubscribe their username and password is deleted auto! No human actions are needed at all!

  9. MailChek Version 2.00
    $59 - Platform(s): unix/linux
    MailChek 2.00 is a web based email service which lets you check in on your POP email account from anywhere in the world using any computer connected to the internet. It can read, reply to, forward and delete messages and compose and send new messages. It contains full MIME support for sending and receiving all types of attachments. Using the page style template provided, you can easily and quickly design your own HTML page for MailChek to use, including banners, multimedia, articles etc. to wrap around the script's dynamic content. You can also specify fonts, backgrounds and colors for MailChek to use. Otherwise, it can be quickly installed and run as is. MailChek 2.00 can function as a multi-user service or, by a simple configuration setting, run in single-user or personal mode. Full support is included and future upgrades are free.

  10. Mailer
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Mailer Script was designed for people who have remote servers and like to setup their site so that you can have a form that submits the information to your e-mail address. This program does not require that the person submitting the information have an e-mail address. It has only been tested on UNIX Based Servers, It also requires the Server to have a mail Program.

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